Wednesday, November 18, 2015

STAR WARS Battlefront Companion App Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Welcome to STAR WARS Battlefront Base Command!
You can play this game as a standalone, or as a companion game where you earn Credits for use in STAR WARS“ Battlefront“. Base Command is a casual card-driven game played in turns.
The goal of the game is to protect your Base from a massive invasion force.
Let us show you the basics of commanding your own Base.

In each mission, or Siege, your Base at the center of the map is under attack from an invasion force.
To complete a Siege, you have to defeat the entire invasion force, and make sure that your Base never reaches 0 health.

These are your 4 Base Shields.
They will stop the advancing enemy units, but will go down if an enemy unit crashes into them.

A Base Command Siege is divided into turns.
Each turn, new enemies will appear, until you have defeated them all.

Enemy units on the board will move closer to your Base each turn.
Enemy units that reach your Base will attack its shields, and then enter the Base to deal damage to it.

As an enemy unit takes out a Base Shield, the unit will take 2 points of damage.

These are your Unit Cards.
Use them to scramble units that help you combat the incoming threat.
Your Unit Cards are drawn at random from a deck that contains a variety of units.

The yellow circle shows where your unit can attack.
Once you have selected an enemy target, the two units will engage in combat until they have used up all of their Attacks {more on the Attacks stat later].

Ranking up gives your unit better combat stats, and adds to your score bonus.
But be careful ~ if a ranked-up gets defeated in combat, it will go back to rank 0.
All Unit Cards start at rank 0 and can reach rank 3.

Some Star Cards are used to boost your Unit Cards or your Base, while others are played on enemy units to damage them or engage in combat.

lf you select a Star Card and a Unit Card lights up in yellow, that means that you can attach the Star Card to that Unit Card to boost it.

Your Base Cannon can attack anywhere between range 1-3.

Each time your Base Cannon is fired, it will go back to 0 Firepower.
At the start of each new turn, it will recharge to the next power step: from 0 to 1, then 3, and finally 5 Firepower. Choose wisely whether you want to fire weak shots often, or save it for one big blast.

Each time you play cards, they will go to their respective discard piles.
When a draw pile is empty, its discard pile will be reshuffled to form a new draw pile.

You can play as many cards as you want in a turn.
You can then advance to the next turn.
Every turn, your hand will be refilled to 3 Unit Cards and 3 Star Cards.

These are your Discard Points. You gain a new Discard Point each turn, until they are at max.
lf you don't like a card and haven't already played a card this turn, you can spend a Discard Point to redraw a card and hope for something that fits the current situation better.

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