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Age of Wushu Dynasty Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Flying Skill System

Skyward Step
Click the Flying Skill button to perform a jump.
This skill can be used consecutively to string together air jumps.

Flying Sparrow
Click the Flying Skill button when the character is in the air.
This skill allows players to glide forward after jumping.

Jade Slide
Double click the Flying Skill button when the character is on the ground.
This skill allows players to slide around.

Chi Sprint
Press and hold the Flying Skill button while on the ground.
This skill allows players to dash around.

Guild System

After joining a Guild, players can receive Guild Contribution through various Guild Events. Guild Contribution is a currency that can be used to buy Treasure.

The Guild receives Guild Funds through Guild Events. Guild Funds boost the overall power of the guild.

Worship in the Guan Yu Temple every day to get Vigor.
Every Guild has a Guild Skill which Guild members can learn.


Wulin Arena
1. Players can sign up for the Wulin Arenaat the Wulin Arena NPC;
2. Players can select the opponent they want from a list;
3. Players can defeat higher-ranked opponents to move up in the rankings;
4. Keep defeating opponents to get a higher rank;
5. Reputation and Silver will be sent out as daily rewards according to the latest rankings;
6. Players can purchase items with their Reputation.

PvP elimination challenge
One of the most important ways to test a player's power

Sky Arena
1. Sky Arena is open during a specific time daily;
2. Players can sign up for the Sky Arenaatthe Sky Arena NPC.
3. Points received for a battle depend on the number of points you already have and the number of points your opponent has;
4. Prestige is sent out as daily rewards according to the latest rankings;
5. Points are reset at the beginning of each month;
6. Players can purchase items with their Prestige.

1. Players are matched according to their abilities;
2. Players will be matched with other players with similar levels.

Practice your skills on other players!
1. Players can invite friends, Team, Guild, nearby players, or enter a player's name in the Sparring page to spar. If the other player accepts, sparring will start immediately.
2. Players can accept anyone's challenge through the Random Arena.
3. Players who win consecutive matches will have their name broadcast across Jianghu!
4. There are no costs or rewards for sparring.


Plot Quest
Wanderer (Age of Wushu Record)

Players progress through Age of Wushu quest by quest.
Amount: 3 Prologue levels + (7 Chapters×7 levels in each Chapter) ×2 Difficulty levels (Easy, Hard) = 101 levels

1. Solo adventure spanning 7 chapters
2. Different levels have different gameplay modes: Defense, Peerless, Survival, Time Limit, and Assassination.
3. More stars means greater rewards! When the amount of stars players get for each chapter reaches 7, 14, and 21, they will get Treasure Chests 3 times.

1. Single Player Campaign
2. Levels can be refreshed 5 times daily. Running levels multiple times is a good way to get Experience, Money, Cultivation, and Materials in the game.

Jianghu Adventure

Twilight Village
Description: Multi-player team instance.
Difficulty: Easy, Hard, Hell
Bosses: Zhou Lifeng, Wei Buji, Ye Loukai, Han Sijing, Zhao Ziji
Main Content:
1. Instance Players: 3
2. Instance Duration: 12 minutes
3. There are 4 Combat Zones. There's a Boss in each zone. Players have 3 minutes to defeat every Boss. In the last zone, if players don't kill Han Sijing in 2 minutes, Han Sijing disappears and Zhao Ziji appears.
4. Besides basic loot, there's a chance for each Boss to drop Prowess. Prowess can be exchanged for items.
5. Defeat all Bosses for a chance to get Martial Arts and Internal Skill Scroll Fragments.

Achievement Quests

Players can get special achievements in Age of Wushu.
Click on a quest to see its achievements. There are three kinds of Quest: Story Quest, Achievement Quest and Daily Quest.
For example, you have to win 100 times in the Battlefield to get the Invincible achievement.
A large amount of Silver is awarded for Achievement Quests.

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