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DragonBlade: An Era Of State War Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Dragon Blade: An Era Of State War Guide

【How To Improve POW Fast】

1. Refine Equipment
Refine Equipment is the best way to improve your power and widen the gap between with other players. Every equipment in-game can be refined with refine stones, after refining, attribute addition of the equipment will be very high, and these refine gems you can buy it in the Secret Shop, that must be more worthy than Treat Ten in Lodge with ingots. So you must pay attention to the Refine Equipment.

2. Dragonsoul
Except refine, dragonsoul is also a good way to improve power. There are many kinds of dragonsoul attributions, such as HP, ATK, Reflect, Crit and Drain. So you should use your silvers to get more dragonsoul and increase its level.

3. Equipment Rank Up
Equipment can be ranked up in-game by consuming materials, after ranking up, the color of the equipment will be changed. At first, equipment’s color is white, then is green, blue, purple etc., and the attribution will be higher and higher. The materials of ranking up can be got through fighting in the instances, so don’t waste your VIT in the game.
In addition, enhance, inlay and hero link etc. are also the better ways to improve your power.

【Equipment System】

If you want to be strong in the game, there is no a set of good equipment, so how can you do that?
Now let me introduce the Equipment System of Dragon Blade.

[ Equipment Upgrade ]
By attacking instances you can get many materials to upgrade the equipment and improve the basic and additional attribution of equipment. At the same time, equipment upgrade also can change the equipment quality.

[ Equipment Enhancement ]
Equipment can enhance through consuming normal equipment and enhancing stones, which can increase the attribution of equipment. The limited level of equipment enhancement can’t exceed the master’s level. Enhancing stones can be got in the daily play and Lodge.

[ Equipment Refining ]
Equipment can star up through consuming refine gem. The higher of star level, the more attribution can be increased. Refine gem can be got in the daily play and Lodge.

[ Palace ]
Palace will be open when you reach level15. When you go into the palace, other camps from different states are all your enemies.Every time you beat a person, you can get a certain borders for your state camp. The more borders , and the more abundant rewards you can get,  especially the players who at the top of ranking and they will have chance to get a special bonus.

[ The Rules Of Palace ]
Every player can go into the palace of the three countries’ junction, there you can meet people in other country. You can recover by consuming coins when you die in the palace. Of course, the coins you use to recover will accumulate. Palace is so dangerous but it’s very exciting! Everyday you can stay here for 2 hours.As long as you get enough 100 borders in palace, the state guard reward can be claimed in the daily task which include a lot of feats and rewards, and even you can get a beauty company

[ Visit Palace ]
The first thing you should do is to visit emperor when you go into palace, and there are two times for you to do that. Visiting emperor with a file, you can get some exp and feats as rewards. Different file you bring, the different amount of exp and feats you can get. The type of file can be divided into white, green, blue, purple and orange, the rewards can be increasingly.

[ Loot Treasure ]
In the palace, there has the state camps treasure and you can open the loot of state treasure, the play will be open at level27. After opening, you can go to the enemy state to loot treasure. 12:00-24:00 is the time open for the loot, the other time you can fight the enemies. In the place of  your own state treasure, you can hand up the looting treasure and also get a reward which is belong to you.

[ Real-Time PK ]
In the palace, there is so large, but it’s so dangerous in the unsafe field, so remember not to walk around if you don’t want to fight and you should stay at the safe place. Anyway, on the way to visit or loot, if you meet enemy, you should fight them. Otherwise, you will be dead though you can recover by using coins. However, it’s the time to experience the feeling of real-time PK, so enjoy it.

City can level up which links to the player’s Title by consuming coins and VIT. The higher level of City, the higher attribution can be added to the line-up heroes and the more beauties you can get.

Beauty’s debris can be obtained through drinking in Lodge and playing in Expedition. After collecting enough debris ,you can summon the beauty. Beauty can be given title and sent into the harem or betrothed to hero, which can improve hero’s attribution. Beauty can star up, and the rule is the same as hero’s. At the same time, you can also size other players’ beauties.

[Title ]
The title can level up through beating the corresponding boss of title when all of your Level, Feat and Han Fame reach the requirements. The higher of title, the higher post you can hold. The players with title can get the pay in the mail box at 6:00 everyday.

When player ‘s title reaches a certain level, he or she can hold a post which needs to consume some ingots. If you want the post that have had a player there, so you need to challenge him. After challenging successfully, you can hold this post and per 24 hours you can get the post pay. And some posts just can be competed by the members of the State Ruling Legion.

[State War]
After Legion War, the winning Legion can initiate the State War.

[Royal Order]
After completing Royal Order, intensified stones, coins and the hero’s upgrade pills can be claimed. According to the different difficulty, and the rewards will be also different.

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