Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Finding Monsters Adventure Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

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Jake & Tess "Finding Monsters Adventure"

Finding Monsters Adventure Tip#1: Basics
Tap the camera button to take photos.
But Watch for the film limit!
When the timer ends, the level ends.
Use Zoom to get better pictures.
And your camer to track monsters.

Finding Monsters Adventure Tip#2: Camera Movement
Move the camera using the gyro.
You can also swipe to look around.

Finding Monsters Adventure Tip#3: Selfie Mode
Press the selfie mode button.
To get into the picture yourself.
Bonus Score is awarded for selfies.

Finding Monsters Adventure Tip#4: Fireworks
Tap a cannon to launch fireworks.
Rockets will take a while to explode.
But give a nice bonus score.

Finding Monsters Adventure Tip#5: Royale
Tap an extra film multiple times.
To gain an extra photo.
Monsters can destroy extra films.

Finding Monsters Adventure Tip#6: Snowman
During a blizzard, this snow Harry Scary disguises himself as a snowman.
Footprints give you clues where Harry Scary is.
Tap a snowman to destroy them.