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Blade Waltz Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

What is Blade Waltz?
Blade Waltz is 3D Action Fantasy Mobile RPG that showcases a unique and awesome combat experience! Level up your fearless Heroes while fighting against countless monsters! Strategize and maximize your combat potential as you battle powerful bosses! Test your mettle and make your way to the top against other players in the Arena!

Main User-Interface
The main interface is your home screen and will be your navigation companion throughout the game. From here, you can see and access all the details you need in the game.
1. Character Info/Game Option – This pane contains your hero’s current level and experience. Tapping this will serve as a shortcut to the game option which is divided into 4 tabs: Account Info, Game Info, Settings, and Language.

2. Adventure Keys – Keys are required to enter adventure mode stages.
3. Gold – Used for paying the cost of Enhancing, Evolving of Items/Equipments and upgrading your Heroes’ skills. You can also use these for purchasing Help Items before entering the stages on Adventure and Special Dungeons
4. Gems – You can get Gems from purchasing them in the shop. You can also acquire them by completing some achievements in the game. You can use them to continue a stage upon failing, redrawing your pick in the reward list after completing stages, changing  options of your equipment, instant enhancement of your skills, purchasing costumes, transforming equipment, and changing the quality of your equipment.
5. Friend Points – current points received from friends. Friend Points can be used to purchase Adventure Keys and Normal Treasure Chest in the Shop.
6. Mailbox - From here, you can see the gifts and other event rewards which you have received.
7. World Chat - From this pane, you can chat with other players in the game via Channel.
8. Game Center/Google Center – Lets you connect Android or iOS Market within the game.
9. Check-in Reward – From this pane, you can view the list of rewards from daily check-in and your current login streak.
10. Events –You can view the game’s current events from this pane.
11. Package – This pane offers limited deals which you can purchase.
12. Inventory – You can view your heroes’ currently equipped items, character information, and all of the items you’ve collected from clearing stages or dungeons from this pane.
13. Skill – This pane contains all of your heroes’ skills which are divided into 3 different tabs: Special Skills, Combo, and Metaforce. You can enhance your Heroes’ skill from this pane by using Gold or instantly enhance them by using Gems.
14. Mission – This pane contains the list of your incomplete and completed missions and achievements. You can also claim your rewards upon completing these missions or achievements.
15. Friends - This pane contains the list of your friends or allies. You can also use this to add more friends. Send and receive Friend Points to your Facebook or in-game friends.
16. Shop - From here, you can purchase Equipment Chests, Keys, Gold, Gems, and Costumes.
17. Adventure – Follow the story of the 3 Half Elm heroes and their journey to defeat Lupinus and save Elysium.
18. Special Dungeon – Collect materials in here to upgrade your equipment. You can acquire Enhance stones, Evolve stones, Advance Stones, and Metaforce for upgrading your weapon or armor.
19. Challenge – Test your skill here and compete with other players.

Game Mode
the game is divided into 4 different game modes which you can unlock upon leveling up your team. Each of these offers different kinds of rewards and battle experiences.
Act (Area map)
The World Map is divided into 5 episodes, and each episode has 10 stages. Defeat the monsters and bosses from each stage to advance. Reach the 10th Stage to battle Episode Bosses. You can switch difficulties to gain access to rarer items and creatures. There are 3 different difficulty settings in the game all consisting of the same map. Here is the list of all episodes available in the game:
1. Spirited Woods
2. Lava Plateau
3. Maris Temple
4. Lucis Heights
5. Sanctuary Obscura

Special Dungeon
This dungeon offers four different dungeons, which you can acquire materials and items from, such as Accessories, Evolution Stones, Fortitude Stones and Metaforce Fragments. You can unlock this when your Hero reaches Level 10.
1. Enhance Dungeon – you can find Enhance stones from this dungeon.
2. Evolve Dungeon – you can find Evolve stones from this dungeon
3. Advance Dungeon – this dungeon offers the easiest way to gather Advance stones for weapons and armor.
4. Guardian Dungeon – You can acquire four types of Metaforce Fragments including Focus, Strength, Accuracy, and Agility fragments in this dungeon, which opens for a set period of time.

Challenge mode offers 3 different battle mode to test your true strength. Survive against a storm of monsters in the endless dungeon and maximize your combat skills in a one on one battle with Leviathan! (Reach team level 15 to unlock). Finally, test your mettle against other players by battling them in the Arena!
1. Infinity Dungeon – survive the endless battle against a storm of monsters. Battle countless waves that will test your true strength.
2. Leviathan – challenge the monster Leviathan to get accessories for your heroes.
3. Arena - Test your strength by competing with other players on the Arena. Win and raise your combat points to reach the top spot on weekly ranking. You can also receive Honor Points which you can use for purchasing items in the Honor Shop.
From here, you can purchase Equipment Chests, Keys, Gold, Gems, and Costumes. You can also take advantage of limited special offers and discounts so visit the shop often!
Costumes – this shop offers costumes for Starfell, Ellie, and Gordon. You can purchase them using your Gems.
Class Restricted – offers equipment filtered for a specific character
Equipment –offers equipment chests which contains high grade/rarity weapons and armor. You can purchase them using Gems.
Keys – from here, you can purchase additional keys for additional entries to stages. You can purchase them using Gems.
Gold – from here, you can purchase Gold using Gems.
Gems – This shop offers Gems; you can purchase Gems using real currency.

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