Sunday, November 15, 2015

Heroes Curse Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Heroes Curse combines elements from classic RPGS with hack and slash gameplay.
Battle through all fifteen levels to gain experience and unlock items and weapons.

Choose heroes wisely as each has their own abilities and flaws.
Three characters to choose from: Warrior, Mage and Archer.

During your quest you will battle with various monsters and demons with a Boss
at the end of each part of your journey. Each level offers four difficulty modes,
from normal to insane. Start by selecting normal mode until you gain enough experience.
To take on harder monsters and demons.

Once you start you hero will be weak and more vulnerable to attack and damage.

By battling monsters you will be rewarded with experience points (XP) that will boost
your hero's strength. The more monsters and demons you defeat the greater the XP.
Playing harder game modes will also increase XP. You can also convert your XP to increase
your heroes abilities and skills.

Various objects collected and bought within the game will help increase your
statistics ad in turn make the hero more powerful.

Heroes Curse is unlocked to play without purchasing further items. However
some game items can be purchased for real money. If you don't want to use
this feature, Please disable in-app purchase in your device settings.

The main currency used within the game is gold. With the ability to buy gems via in app
purchases. Gold is used to buy armory and potions. It is collected within the game.

Gems are used to unlock special and powerful armory within the game. Gems can also be
converted to gold to unlock less powerful armory and potions.