Monday, November 16, 2015

Ancient Fear Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

1. How many professions in Ancient Fear? What are the differences?
  A. Paladin: HP-5stars, DEF-5stars, ATK-3stars.
  B. Swordsman: HP-4stars, DEF-3stars, ATK-4stars.
  C. Berserker: HP-3stars, DFE-4stars, ATK-5stars.

2. How to become a VIP? What's the use of it?
    You can become a VIP by refilling in the game. The higher VIP level enjoy more privileges and bonus.

3. How to get Diamonds?
   You can obtain Diamonds through recharging in the game. Also you can get some Diamonds by completing the Quests.

4. What are the difference between Normal dungeon, Hard dungeon and Elite dungeon?
   There are of different difficulty. The difficulty increases gradually as its rewards. The rewards including EXP, gold, starstone and exploit and so on. It will change when the level increases.

5. What's the requirement and advantage of Star-up?
   It opens at level 3. And you need certain starstones and gold to star-up. The gears attribute will increase after star-up.

6. How to distinguish the quality of the gears?
   It divides into White, green, blue, purple, red and orange by color, and the quality increases gradually. Orange gear is of the highest quality. The higher quality the gear is, the higher primary attributes you will get.

7. What's the Spell system?
   It opens at level 7. When you complete the main quest, Spell system will open. You can upgrade your spell to increase ATK by costing exploit when you reach certian level.

8. How about the social function?
    It opens at level 9. You can add friends, find nearby players, check your emails and rank here.

9. When can we have guardians?
    It opens when you are at level 12.You can use time key to cut the training time.

10. How can we obtain gears and upgrade the gear?
     You will obtain the gears by completing the newbie quest and you can get the materials for upgrading through quests.

11. Can you explain the inlay function?
     When the gem slots open, you can inlay the gem to increase the power. The higher quality the gear is, the more gem slots you will get. The attribute bonus increase with the gem level.

12. When will the qualifier opens?
     It opens at level 15. Exploit can be obtained by challenging other players. Top 1000 players can obtain different exploit according to rank every 30 minutes.

13. You can follow the steps bellow to be more powerful:
     A. Cast: You can star-up, forge, unseal, inlay and refine to upgrade the gear attributes.
     B. Spell: Upgrade the spell and ultimate spell to increase your ATK.
     C. Guardian: Summon the legend guardian and dispatch him to fight with you. It can also increase your ATK.
     D. Altar: Fuse your guardians to increase your power.
     E. Clan: Join Alliance pray to obtain attribute bonus.

14. How to obtain materials?
   A. Challenge dungeon can obtain materials to upgrade gears.
   B. Challenge Purgatory can obtain Mithril and various gems.
   C. Challenge Abyssal Nest can obtain gilt and various gems.
   D. Challenge Qualifier can obtain exploit.
   E. Challenge Satanic Temple can obtain crystal, gold and materials for guardian upgrade.

15. What is Alliance and when it will open?
     It opens after level 20. Alliance can not only gather players to fight together but also can increase player's power at the same time.

16. If I want to quit the Alliance, what can I do? Is there any punishment? When can I leave?
     You can't quit the Alliance with 24 hours if you are new in this alliance. And when you leave, your attribute will be cleared. PS: If you are the first time to join Alliance, you can quit immediately.

17. What is Purgatory?
     It gathers all the bosses in the dungeons. You can challenge them to be more powerful. It's PVE system for player to fight together. You can also challenge alone if you like.

18. What is Altar?
     You can summon different quality of guardians here. It divides into Normal Summon and Divine Summon. You can also exchange starsoul to powerful guardians here.

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