Monday, May 4, 2015

Bears vs. Art Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Upgrade Guide
Spend skill points to train Rory's skills in Speed Savvy, Intelligence or Cunning.
Rory earns skill points over time. If you run out came back in a few hours to get some more!
Get awesome powers by collecting stars in each skill! Max all skills for something special...
Each Speed star will give extra time and each Savvy star will help Rory find more coins.
Reach Intelligence Stars to get an extra more and Cunning stars to get extra entry.

Costumes give you extra bonuses to Rory's skills. Use them to reach more stars!
Upgrade costumes and they will give Rory special bonuses when worn!

Entry Fee
Entry to each gallery costs a entry fee. You build up entry fee for free over time. If you
run out simply recharge or check buck later!
Keep an eye out en the map. sometimes there are hidden free entry fee to find!

Expand your maximum capacity to spend less time waiting and more time playing!
You can speed up your free entry fee recharge to be up to 8 times faster.
Combining recharge upgrades with the capacity upgrade means you never have to wait again.
V.I.P Access: Never wait again! Free entry to all levels forever. no entry fee required!

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