Monday, May 4, 2015

Juice Jam Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Juice Jam Matchmaking Guide

Match 3 Fruits with the same color in a row! Thirsty customers want drinks! Make matches to fill orders! The Ticket Box shows how many customers are left. Serve them all to win!

A square match makes a Rocket. It turns a piece of the same color into a Blaster!
Match 4 pieces with a vertical match to create a Row Blaster!
Make a match with a Row Blaster to take out a whole row of pieces!
Match 4 pieces with a horizontal match to create a Column Blaster!
Make a match with a Column Blaster to take out a whole column of pieces!

Make a 2-by-2 square match to create a Rocket Piece!
Rockets turn a random piece of the same color into a Blaster. Make a match to use it!
Combine power ups For a more powerful explosion!

Make an L-shaped match with 5 pieces to create a Bomb power-up!
You can make an X-Blaster by making a T-shaped match with 5 pieces!
Make a match with the X-Blaster to clear pieces diagonally!
Make power-ups when you can to clear loads of pieces!

Match 3 bees to create honey Match over honey to serve it.
When you match Bees, they leave behind Honey!
Make a match over Honey to collect it. Customers love the stuff‘!
Remember: match Bees to make Honey, then make matches over Honey to collect it!

Clear ice to Find popsicles For the penguins!
Make matches over patches of ice to clear it.
There might be popsicles under there!

Match 5 For a Rainbow Piece. Match it with any color to clear all of‘ that color!
Match the Rainbow Piece with any normal piece to clear all of that color from the board.

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