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Chaos Combat Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Chaos Combat Guide

How to upgrade in the game?
Clearing levels will grant EXP. The Hades Slash event during 9:00-23: 00 will grant EXP as well. Players can complete 2 rounds of daily quests - Dance of Beauties when players reach Lv 55. Each round has 5 turns. Each turn will grant character EXP. Each round will grant bonus rewards that
include Tokens. Players above Lv.24 can enter the meditation palace to kill monsters for EXP. There is a time limit for the meditation place, and the monsters inside won't respawn. High-level VIPs can earn even more EXP.

How to level up quickly?
A good combination of quests, levels and events will allow you to level up quickly. The Meditation Palace also allow players to kill monsters to level up quickly.

How to gain enhance stones?
Clearing each level allows you to gain enhance stones through the wheel. Killing bosses will also grants enhance stones. You can also buy enhance stone packs with gold.

Where to find more enhance stones?
If you don't have any enhance stones, try to enhance with gold.

How to upgrade equipment quickly?
Monsters in the normal level could grant Essence. Players can absorb the Essence or remaining equipment to upgrade equipment.

What are caves for?
Caves produce Chi each hour. Higher ranked caves will produce more Chi. Challenge or defeat other players in the caves to gain a higher ranking. Victory will gain Chi, while failure will only grant half reward.

How to improve energy channel?
Upgrading Energy Channel can greatly increase character stats. Chi and silver required in upgrading drop from caves. Players can also buy chi with gold.

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