Saturday, November 15, 2014

Horde Conquer Guide Cheats - Beginner's Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Beginner's Guide for Horde Conquer

  • Go to the Royal Palace/Council Hall and upgrade your most powerful hero!
  • Specially with a hero that can kill multiple enemies with his/her ability. (Example: Panda)
  • Upgrade your weapon until you don't have the materials or stones.
  • Materials or stones can be obtain through normal and elite stages.
  • Resist on upgrading your other heroes that has a mediocre skills.
  • Save your materials or stones and just hope for a new strong hero in hero altar.
  • If you can't beat your current stages, just repeat previous stages and get more materials or stones.
  • You can still get the same experience and eventually you will level up.
  • A full squad of a full upgrade heroes with good skills will make this game more easier. 

Normal Quest
This is your progress throughout in this game. Once you finished a previous quest, there will be a new quest but it will be much harder than before.

Daily Quest
Maximize your daily rewards such as coins, exp and other stuffs by finishing all daily quests!

Unlockables In-Game

  • Gate of Expedition Level 12
  • Guild Level  16
  • Hero Trial Level 25
  • Arena Level 28