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All Guns Blazing Guide Cheats - Cartel Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game


If you're low on 'Cash' or 'Gold' just tap on the Jobs button, you'll be taken to a list of currently available Jobs.


Under the 'RECOMMENDED JOBS' list you'll notice three Jobs that are currently recommended for you to attempt next.

The first of your 'RECOMMENDED JOBS' will be the next 'Ladder Job' and all ladder jobs are numbered. These ladder jobs can only be attempted in numerical order, meaning that the next 'Ladder Job' will only become available when the previous one has been completed.

The second Job on the 'RECOMMENDED JOBS' list will be your next recommended 'Special Job'. Special jobs are a great way to score some RARE loot, but beware they can be challenging and really test your skill.

The last job on the 'RECOMMENDED JOBS' list will be your next recommended 'Cartel Job'. When attempting Cartel jobs you're advised to be complete them with the help of your Cartel Crew. They can be attempted multiple times until you've successfully completed the objectives. All participating Cartel members will receive the same reward, as long as they have contributed to the Job.


The additional jobs feature various Job types, these include: Gun Parts, Cartel Jobs, Loot Grabs, Cash Raids, High Roller, VIP and many more. Some of these jobs you'll be able to attempt at any time, while others will have specific entry requirements. Additionally some jobs will also have a start and end time meaning that they will only be available for a set period of time, so you better grab that loot while you can!

Start a Job

To start any Job just tap on the Job name and you'll be taken to the Job description screen where you'll find the 'RULES' and 'DETAILS' or 'EASY' 'MEDIUM' 'HARD' 'EXTREME' tabs for the Job.

Under the 'RULES' tab you'll find information of all the Job objectives that you'll need to complete in order to successfully complete the Job.

The 'DETAILS' or 'EASY' 'MEDIUM' 'HARD' 'EXTREME' tab/s show all the remaining information for the job i.e. Job Status, Objective Brief, Remaining Conditions (Cartel Jobs), Reward/s and Entry Requirements. The 'EASY' 'MEDIUM' 'HARD' 'EXTREME' tabs also allow you to choose the level of difficulty that you'd like to attempt the job on, the higher the difficulty the better the loot you'll be rewarded.

You can also choose which weapon that you'd like to take into battle with you by tapping on the 'WEAPONS' button, before you hit the 'PLAY' button to be taken to the action!


The weapons button is where you can upgrade your existing weapons, as well as purchase new devastating weaponry. Once tapped you'll be shown a 3D image of your current weapon, here you can choose to either switch weapon category using the upper set of left and right arrows or you can trick out your current weapon by tapping on the blue 'EDIT' button.

To edit any of your, currently purchased, weapons simply make sure the weapon you want to upgrade is shown in the 3D view and tap the blue 'EDIT' button. The next screen shows the five weapon parts that you can upgrade, which are Body, Feed, Barrel, Accessory and Finish.

Each weapon part needs to be upgraded separately and you can scroll through all of your currently available parts in each of the categories by tapping on the left and right arrows. Some parts can be bought for Cash while other, more exclusive, parts need to be purchased with Gold. Remember different upgrades affect enemies in multiple ways, so make sure you have the right part for the Job!


Want to make crime look good? Then you need to head to the 'CLOTHES' button, here you can change the way your character looks by altering everything from your head to your heels.

The first thing that you'll need to decide is if you want to alter Tyler Casey or Lucy Wild's look, to do this tap on the 'CLOTHES' button. On the next screen you'll see a 3D image of your character, tap and hold on screen and move left or right to rotate your character. Use the arrow buttons to choose which character's look you want to change and once you've decided tap on the blue 'EDIT' button.

There are three parts of your character's look that you can change, these are HEAD, TORSO and LEGS. Simply tap on the part you want to edit and then tap on the left or right arrows to scroll through the available designer options. Some clothes can be bought for Cash, but to really stand out from the crowd you'll need go for the more exclusive designer clothing options which can only be bought with Gold.


Tired of being on the receiving end of a good beating? Then you need some of the awesome RARE Booster Card packs, these little beauties really pack a punch and can turn the tide in any battle!

Booster Card packs can be purchased in 1 or 10 card packs and every card in the pack is guaranteed to be RARE or above. The Booster Card pack types will change every few days, so make sure you check back regularly so that you don't miss out on your chance to get that Booster Card you've been chasing!

To buy a Booster Card pack just tap on the 'GET CARDS' button, this will take you to the Booster Card screen, now simply tap on the Booster Card pack that you want you'll be shown which card/s you were lucky enough to grab.

NOTE: Each Booster Card pack that you purchase will contain a different set of Cards.


To get the ultimate All Guns Blazing experience you really need to join a Cartel, or even create your very own and become the boss. Why? Well being part of a Cartel, be it as a Member, Elder or even as Leader, means that you can access Cartel Jobs where you can really score big with some awesome rewards that are simply not available in single player jobs.

Another benefit of being a member of a Cartel is that if a 'HELP!' request appears on the map screen and you don't have all of the required cards, you can then request the cards you're missing from your Cartel crew.

To join/create a Cartel, first you'll need to reach player level 4, at this point you will receive the blueprint for the Cartel Mansion as a reward. You'll now be able to build the Cartel Mansion on any empty plot of land that you've purchased, and then:

To Join a Cartel, simply follow these steps:

At the bottom of the map screen, tap on the 'CARTEL' icon.
By default you should be at the 'JOIN' section, if you are not tap on the 'JOIN' button at the top of the screen.
You should now see a list of Cartels displayed, tap on any Cartel to see more information on that Cartel i.e. Name, Logo, Level, Type, Member Count, Required Level, Description and Member List.
Once you've found a Cartel you'd like to join simply tap on the blue 'JOIN' button from within that Cartel's details screen.Congratulations you have now joined a Cartel as a Member.

To create a Cartel, simply follow these steps:

At the bottom of the map screen, tap on the 'CARTEL' icon.
On the next screen tap on the 'CREATE' button.
Tap in the 'CARTEL NAME' box and type in the name you want to give your new Cartel.
To change the Cartel logo, tap on the arrow to the right of where it says 'Change your cartel logo' and on the next screen select the logo you would like for your new Cartel.
Tap in the 'DESCRIPTION' box and then type in the description you would like to give your Cartel. Make sure you give your Cartel a description that will attract new members.
For 'TYPE' you have two options either 'ANYBODY CAN JOIN' or 'INVITE ONLY' use the arrows either side to select the option you would like.
To select the minimum player level required to join your Cartel, use the arrow buttons either side of where it says 'MINIMUM LEVEL TO JOIN' to increase/decrease the minimum level required.
Lastly tap on the 'CREATE' button to create your new Cartel, you will be charged a set amount of in-game cash each time you create a new Cartel.
Congratulations you've now created your own Cartel and you're now the Leader of the Cartel.

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