Thursday, January 4, 2018

Battle Boom Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Detailed wide screen can be found on each site by clicking on the medal on the screen.
Aim for Marshall!

How can I add friends?
In the war boom, you can fight with your friends. In addition to your friends, click the "add friend" button at the top of the social list, and press the player ID of your friends.
Player ID is a combination of letters and symbols starting from #
If your friend becomes friend, then he will be your friend in the game.

Play Fight with Your Friends!
[Warning] You can view your player ID by clicking on profile. (Red border on map)

Battle Boom Game Is Free?
You can print and shoot the boom boom. You can use gems in the game to enjoy, but you can enjoy all the games without spending.
There are special items that you can go with gems and gold, and gems can be bought from hard currency.
You can get some gems from the game box, or from the group box coming from special programs.

Did my child sin? Can I get a refund?
The game's equipment will not return from the risk.

If you buy from Apple App Store (IOS):
If you shop on iOS, please go to the Apple Support Center and ask the best questions from you: "Contact Apple"> "iTunes and Apple Music"> "Purchases, Billads and Exchange."

What is the difference?
There are five types of units and these are: human, machine, animal, building, and assistance
Each course is divided into four parts, which are mango, rare, hero and great.
Legendary units are really difficult, but occasionally comes from all types of chest (except Lieutenant Chest and Colonel Chest). If you work hard, you will get a great dash quickly
Marshal Chests will be with at least one great room gems. legendary.

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