Thursday, January 4, 2018

Free Fire - Battlegrounds Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Free Fire Fighting - Battlegrounds are the game of our people 50 players parachute for one of the remote, where there is only one win - the last man stands. Players choose free jobs, provide weapons and equipment so that their lives can survive in the battlefields. In the strategic and diverse field, the battlefield contracts as time of forced players to join together. Free Fire Fighting - Battlegrounds are the last games with real-world photos and easy-to-use content.

[Battlefield in its original form]
Explore weapons, stay in the game area, loot your enemies and become the last man.

[50 men]
Players with 50 players and become people of the man standing in anarchy to be formed.

[4 players by script squads]
Brings your friends to win and the final carers become the ones you can create a group of energy and power to win your game!

[Yes, open world]
General curriculum to find and match players In this new edition, airdrops and air strikes can be added to food while you call for survival.

[Large amount of weapons and gear]
Now grocery is available! Each weapon comes with any of the following links for attack.

[Build your ideas and talents]
Destiny is in your hands, announce your enemies, hide in a bunker or ask them to leave the car. Make your way, your way

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