Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Cartoon Squad Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Collect and develop Cartoon Squad, fight for the challenge of PVP, build your base, and go on an RPG adventure with the Match-3 tournament! Cartoon Squad combines all your favorite games to play in an adequate pack.

Match 3 RPG Battles
Fight the enemies in the puzzle RPG
Change orbs to create power-ups and open special attacks
Fight the enemy toe in search to kill the terrorists by crossing their base
Making war and winning the rules

Did you know things on this day!
Choose from tons of monsters, pirates, ninja, animals and other characters
Take a pawn from an employee, online PVP or toon hold machine

How To Get Access To Work
Phase and Health Improvement, Prevention, Defense and Retention Statistics
Find out about the competition and how to use the fight
Choose the right person for your pet
Match the theme for your own behavior modes to boost the damage of the attack

Online multiplayer action
Making groups with players around the world and fighting for money
See Leaderboard as the best player!
Chat, share ideas and make friendship to share thoughts and ideas
Against teams of other players in the PVP battle and creating fun, life-threatening challenges!

Yes and decide
Create and change your own base in this area
Shoot hospitals, schools, water stations, brochures and more
Enter services to improve your home and speed up your rent!

Worker's worker
Play in many steps with simple and unusual challenge!
Challenge Board Challenges and Freedoms! Do not give them from the start!

This is good
Making squad with faces for players and reputation around the world
Test, library, business and vandalism in your guild
Realize with the help of your team

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