Sunday, November 19, 2017

Rules of Survival Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

You will be one of 120 people who plays Rules of Survival, which can cause storms, in the forest zone. Only the last person
Remember, your place of safety is reduced, you run against the spread of poison, kill the enemy, and finally chasing death.
You can fight or fight a small group of up to four. Throw explosive weapons, tie yourself with teeth, act according to your knowledge and ideas, unfortunately.
Notification !!! It's not about sports, it's a battle of life and death

Play or play games directly in the big picture in HD.
In the final man Solo Solo or Team Type under the battle of the ages 120
Select and use multiple weapons and equipment.
Cross fast and furious drivers in many places.

This is not the game, you write the rules of life!

It is currently playing for me One Plus 5 In Oreo It is a donation on mobile. I do not have any other complaints, please allow us to change our energy of play rather than the left hand of our users. , It would be greatly appreciated! Do not get rid of me I have lots of fun to add new and anytime this game will get better and more enjoyable!

It is good for fun to play here and there are bugs but everything else is great. Game is a pub, so gameplay is good, maybe I get that message even when I do not use it, this app Get stopped working. It's a time when I'm playing, but it's completely bad when I remove the words and continue the game.

Do not blame other reviews, thank you very much for playing on the phone! Much has to be taken in management, but it's easy to time that I can only say that the developer has added Bluetooth support for support? But other then devs seem to work

This is why people can make the challenge because of the control, but this is why there is an idea in the first place if you have a big problem with the game, then did not tell them about it, and they would do their best to improve it.

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