Sunday, November 19, 2017

Ultra Fighters Guide Cheats - Redeem Gift Codes, Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

"Ultra Fighters - Real Game" is a revolutionary 2D side-scrolling game on the mobile platform with its exquisite 2D graphics, voices of experience and characters of conservative fight, including the best - Japanese sound actors, real art game There is a job and the players will be forgotten. Another important feature of the game is its unique control system, stylish yet easy to master, the new touch of a brand-and-break control system to make sure that the ultimate battle game of players.

Fight on fingers
We left no doubt good virtual buttons, and created a special-and-swipe control mode (we have patent it), all the moves will be with your fingers, and you will find refreshing thoughts like playing arcade fighting games. There is no cooling time for all the skill, whenever possible, you will get unlimited integration!

Gorgeous graphics
The beautiful 2D graphics, and thousands as well for the beautiful original artwork, the Japanese image style style. The still sophisticated war is moving on to something and presentation, has been completely restored to the battle style of ultra-fighters, you provide the best combat experience!

Unlock hero and make your deep commitment
Popular characters from the ultra camera can appear after others, players have to collect special items and unlock them. Each has a unique fighting style of Hero, which will help you in different behaviors the experiences of different wars, the power of shot symbols key battles to unlock many heroes and the contract overcomes your problem!