Thursday, November 16, 2017

Castle of Legends Guide Cheats - Codes, Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Create your own story! Castle of Legends is a great way to enjoy the heritage of the heritage, discover the story, find out about the time and space, and have fun with the players all over the world!

In the wildlife of the animals and palaces, one of the experiments that are not associated with openings has opened the open space at the time and space, causing all of the particles in the earth ! As a big guy, you must repeat your palace and uncover the mysteries outside the walls of your palace!

Work with flooring work: Build your castle in your own way! Do your research on your military, service, strategy, or castle ... is your choice!

Recruit an army of Heroes: Collect large heroes from the historical pages of the large scale to help rebuild your home and protect your land!

LEVEL AND CONQUER: Tell your soldiers and send them to search for merchandise, crafts, and card game!

Kraft Epic Glass: Earn your crafters to collect the resources, craft and product quality!

Inwards and players in real-time: Help protect your friends from you and prepare your army and strategy before the enemy arrives! Capture other players' castles and capture strategic points in the world map!

Training: All new PVP services: Use the fun and other players in PVP events and hold them all in their quest for addictive game!
Unite to the world: Join Legion with the players around the world and fight in many exciting events of the world exciting against the enemy army!

Make your country: Please take your place Legion and reach it through the wars of war and send your special pet!

The Journey of the World Travel Summary: Travel to many places and places! Find the land of famous boxes and hit with hundreds of monsters! Cross the property of the epic in the fun RPG story that will take you to time and space to create your story!

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