Sunday, November 12, 2017

Free Fire Guide Cheats - Battle Royale Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

The best PUBG is like playing the Free Fire game. The only exception is to hide the large map, lots of plants, and costumes costumes .. but still still good because there is a good job for devs .. While in the plane, the first few seconds is a similar image of the image. Hope you can smooth things up .. but it looks like butter from the game

The best PUBG option for the user is smooth, but whenever you go into the plane you can add PVE to its game (game versus zombie game, user play versus mutant or other). And please add some more to Google Play to make it even more interesting.

Good game! Of course, mobile improvements, such as the number of cars to be used by the car, the cars will make them and you can get the car right away, even if you touch it a bit, Really upset, more knives rifles and bills, many special characters and pls costumes, more space (not paired), probably 5 or 4, and map management also makes larger map No, as the larger, better yet, I would give only one star, because everything is still to be improved and improved.

It's good however it can not be able to make it and ping only focus on a high-speed Asian Server NA server and in the expulsion of the plane or when you are in the plane at the start of the game, it is minimal

Good Day Moderator and crew members of this game please update the game soon so that we can invite the top 5 members to the Armed Forces and add some upgrades to the game. • Add a variety of vehicles or trailers to allow for easy shooting of a car or truck accident Launcher • Add door to all buildings, adjust the map of the fight or add up • Multiplayer types (Zombie Mode) ) and map time (times) Extra villages) • Add speed chat (reload, join, fight) • Add food and medicine to HP • Add map harder (rain, night mode) Adding a nightmare after seeing that I hope my ideas will help you improve your game

Well, we need to change the TP, like men, it's a good idea to change men like men because I want more women compared to men and more than motorcycle the car and the jet are possible and can ride with your friends in the car and do this for me to bad up someone else but smile and they kill them and are important as the idea of ​​the first

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