Sunday, November 12, 2017

Zombie World : Black Ops Guide Cheats - Codes, Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

The challenge of the courage and strength in the Zombie World : Black Ops problems is the challenge.
The Z virus has changed the world into the world and the zombie has been removed from your area. Family and friends are killed. All the news has not been linked to anyone in Blackout.
You need to understand the skills of doing the job, using all the resources available to explode in the world. The people you meet with come back to the world.
Life, recovery and destruction are now only your goal, do not look at the eyes of hatred, under the shadow behind the corpse, many eyes creep to you ...

Shoot the zombies with your hands;
Curb arms against zombies, and against other people;
Increasing the level of architecture will become stronger;
Find the temple in the game map for collecting or stealing a variety of resources;
By participating, you can exchange and play with other players so that they can be easier to live;
Players with real time, players can communicate with many members of the world;
Learn several leaders for a variety of times
Free game strategy

Fresh new gameplay .. I do not know the new way of enjoying zombie death and creating a few things I do not know that the game is still in the beta stage, but I forget about many things and things. If you want to beta tester, then I just send a message. Thank you.

It is good, but you can not connect to the conversation, but can fix it now, but now I'll put the slide on where it hangs and other things, but it's not good yet

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