Sunday, November 12, 2017

The Alchemist Code Guide Cheats - Codes, Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

When can I collect the The Alchemist Code gift ?
Write your reward in the box in the gift box within 21 days of the release of the game.
When the game launches, is there a time to write my landmark benefit?
Game Collect your reward in-game gift boxes within 21 days of the launch. Please note that in the stipulated time you must apply for reward from the gift box. Unrealized awards will expire after the expiration of the Business Plan.
When is the start date for Alchemist code?
What happens to my online ticket date at the end of the registration process?
All remaining buses will expire after the event ends
Can I get more tickets?
Complete the listings listed on the pre-registration page, as suggested by your friends, or like our Facebook page, and so on. Get a lot of tickets
I have problem issues, what should I do?
Contact us at our support pages or Facebook Fan Page.
What happens to my beta off when the Alchemist sends off?
We are happy to tell you that your account will remain as it is.
Can I hold my Japanese language or elsewhere in the Elechemist code?
Unfortunately, this can not be accomplished because they are different games.

Tickets play always every day for every child. Add games to end users with special features. In-game gifts can be pre-Reggae Use to save play tickets Senmn to win awards of games in the stipulated period from the day of the official launch of the game games, which is distributed to all players and games.

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