Friday, September 22, 2017

Heroes of Warfare Guide Cheats - Redeem In Gift Codes, Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Allen (Assault/Assault Rifle/Easy).
Sprint: Passive: Move continuously for a while to auto-run.
Adrenaline: Inject Adrenaline to recover HP within a time period.
HE Grenade: Launch a 40mm HE shell to deal AOE damage in the area it hits.
Full Power: Summon 2 Floating Cannons, automatically target enemies in your sight.

Geraint (Defense/Great Sword/Easy).
Scorching Swing: Passive The first attack after a while deals range damage.
Leap of Arbitrament: Jump and clash on the ground dealing AOE damage.
Gaia's Shield: Hold a massive square shield that blocks massive damage.
Sword of Judgement: Summons the sword of judgement in front, form a abyss to suck enemies.

Big Po (Defense/Fusion Gun/Normal).
Rocket Fist: Launch a mechanical arm to grab the enemy and drag him/her close.
Electric Shell: Wear an Electric Shell for you or teammate, resist massive damage.
Thunderbolt: Restrict the target and deal damage over time with high-voltage electricity.

Maya (Assault/Bow/Normal).
Jungle Posture: Passive: Able to climb on walls.
Hunting Instinct: Reveal all enemies positions on the map for a short time.
Explosive Shoot: Launch a HE grenade that causes heavy explosive damage.
Destructive Arrow: Shoot a Vortex Arrow that damage the enemy it hits.

Clark (Assault/Revolver/Normal).
Sleep Shadow: Clark shoot sleep bullet to stun enemies and complete a quick reload.
Rapid Firing: Accelerate shooting speed to 300% and auto-shoot in a short time.
Field Duel: Quickly reload and auto-fire 6 rounds dealing 420 damage.

Heroes of Warfare is a predictable FPS game that combines the exciting style of an exciting FPS game with MOBA games. Heroes with various capabilities, beautiful complexity, fluid gameplay and intuitive controls, Heroes of Warfare is the latest competitive platform for mobile platforms. Make the mighty and master the battlefield!

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