Friday, September 22, 2017

Chef Wars Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Add 3 to 6 ingredients in the pot. You can remove the ingredients in the pot, clean or suppress the ingredient.

Get the best combination to find something or imagine a chef's creativity.

Even if you do not have all the content, you always find something. Check the pot percentage

By clicking the recipe you can learn more about it. You have a link in the upper left corner to make a recipe at home!

Warning! Some inventions are still unsuccessful if they have all the right ingredients! Cook's creativity can be very low!

Chef can not learn cookies if their recipes are full! Start 5 and open up to 20 brain reminder exercises.

You can also get recipes without forgetting your recipes. Click the pot image to open the recipe details and click the red X.

Use the chef's gems to make sure that the prescription is being investigated by your team! No Materials Needed! Go to the recipe directory and go to the recipe details.

Update Updates! Simply upgrade more courseware.

The higher the chef's ability, the more you need the substances you need! Rare battery is more energy!

I've heard that if you use the entire contents during an update, you will receive your bonus.

Chef has 3 unique features that increase his strength in battle! The first has been detected and you open two more because it increases the train and level.

For example, I am good in the kitchen in the French (the French artistic specialty), so cooking French food gives + 10% electricity

Creativity improves the likelihood of inventiveness and gives more material to the market.

Persistence improves upgrades and provides rare content on the market.

The symptoms are unique to every chef! It opens up more than 2 chefs and gives you special bonuses.

Scroll down for more exercise, such as brain reminders, so the chef gets an extra recipe package! It opens new functions to a higher level.

Whether it is a success or not, it all helps! You will get points for failure, and when you wake up, you will remove more exercises.

If you have extra cash, do not forget to train your chef.

Try a new recipe for a chef's chef and 3-5 ingredients! If you have another recipe package, you can find it only. Forget the recipes to release the gaps

Practice recipe items to increase strength, more content, great potential growth

Shipowners, opening you and cities, stories are moving forward! As I said, many special combat and recruitment cats are only in large cities.

Baron's spot credits show where Baron von Pork is in the final show.

You can only open them when you win your first talent with the Cheffy Awards! So you have to fight all the bosses or head to the chef's personal job!

Introducing staff who can join the team! You have to get into the hometown and hit them in battle.
If that's your friend or you love someone, just a few battles.

Finally, the tasks are personal stories that go through the chef! It may be over for a while, but you will get a great reward and finally find out where BaƱon is.

You can look for or lose reputation in the fight and you have made the chances when you've met the special circumstances! Choose wisely.

Each judge takes care of various issues - issues, resetting or choosing power - we can use it for the benefit!

You can see how a judge puts a question beside his points

Unlike cities, cities are always open! Better content and easy neighborhood control

You can go to the market, fight for battle, or go to the pub.

Choose a cook for content by paying a fee! What you find depends on how fresh a day is and some of the fate.

Every city has its own characteristics, it has several potatoes and dairy products. Get more rice and dough in Asia.

If the chef is very durable, you can get rare ingredients. If you rarely find it far in the cities, go and find it

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