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Terra Battle 2 Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

* EIemental Interactions
Each magic spell has an element, and each element has strengths and weaknesses.
If the attacking element is strong against the defending element. then the spell will do more damage.

* Control Time
Characters are given six seconds to move freely to any tile on the battle map.
Certain skills extend this duration.

* Retreating
If you retreat from battle, you will be returned to the field map with everyone who participated in the battle knocked out.
You will lose any treasure or experience earned during the course of the battle.

* Continuing to Play
If you party is defeated, you Can spend one Energy to revive everyone and continue on with the battle.

*About Characters
Characters are the people who you encounter during your journey across Terra.
They can pair up with a Guardian to form a Unit.
Each Unit can use equipment in their left and right hands, on their head, and on their body.
Each Unit can also equip up to four Companions.

* Health Points (HP)
HP is a measure of a Unit's health. When a Unit's HP fails to zero, it will be knocked out and unable to
participate in battle.

To prevent your Units from becoming knocked out, be sure to regularly heal them with HP-restoring
support skills.

* Magic Points (MP)
MP determines how many spells a unit
When a Unit's MP falls to zero, they may no longer cast any spells.

* Stats
In addition to Health Points (HP) and Magic Points (MP) Units also have Physical Attack (ATK Physical
Defense (DEF), Magical Attack (MATK), and Magical Defense (MDEF} stats.

*Menu System
Navigating the Menus
Swipe left or right to access the various screens.
including "World." "Party," "Setup." "Inventory." and "Fores."

Important Numbers

Player Rank
A measure of your progress through the story.
Complete story chapters to earn experience and raise your Player Rank.
Each time this rank increases. your maximum stamina will increase.

Stamina is required to play Quests. One point of Stamina is automatically restored every five minutes
You may also spend one Energy to restore all of your Stamina immediately.

Energy is used to restore your Stamina. continue playing when your party is defeated in battle, and forge Pacts of Resolve with Fores for Guardians and forge Pacts of Resolve with Fores for Guardians and
equipment. Additional Energy may be purchased from the Shop on the main menu.

*Navigating the World Map
World Map Features
The World Map allows access to the various chapters of the story.
Complete the current chapter to unlock the next one.
As you progress through the story, you may unlock additional features, such as the Un Store.

Story Mode
Play Story Mode to enjoy an epic tale that spans multiple chapters.
Some chapters culminate in a boss fight.

Quest Mode
Play Quest Mode to enjoy cooperative play with up to nine other players (Co-op Play}, fight exclusive battles
with fearsome foes (Event Quests).
Collect valuable items necessary for recoding Guardians (Recode Quests) and earn a huge amount of experience for your party (Metal Zone).

Synced Play
During synced play. the level of your Guardians and equipment will be capped at a certain value. but the rewards you earn will be increased to compensate for the challenge.

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