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My Secret Bistro Guide Cheats - Coupon Number Codes & Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

General recipe
1. Prepare the stove!
First, buy a stove and start cooking.
(Go to stores> Furniture> Kitchen> buy in Cooker)

Bennie's advice!
The number of cooking kitchens is limited according to your level.

Drag the cookbook icon to begin cooking after the burn.

You can find a list of recipes that you can cook or learn by touching the icon.
One gets more recipes through the stages of the fairy tales.

1) Senses That You Need
2) Showing the level of recipe and master's progress
3) End time
4) EXP got after cooking + coins taken after sale

You can increase the control of a particular recipe each time you complete cooking.
You can improve your recipe next time by adding the entire domain to this level.

FYI: You get a ruby ​​and a free reputation when you upgrade the recipe to the next level!

2. Replace the ingredients!
We try to cook, but ... we do not have all the ingredients ready: '(

The ingredients you need are catering.
You can order regular catering items.

If you have some requirements, you can increase the number of gold orders.
Is not it practical if I could order a group of weeds once?

Please transfer the storage items when the delivery is complete.

Time to serve the plate!
In the end we learn all the cooking methods.
The dishes will be transferred to the store once it is ready and ready to put in customers.

1) More please! : You will receive a Gold bonus if you take a series of consecutive quests.
2) Drinks: You will receive random random items when you are drinking with customers.

Drinks can be used for potable energy.

※ Benny's advice!
Energy can revive over time, even if you use everything.
You can also use the Energy Packs to quickly restore energy.

▶ Cook several dishes from around the world!
- Make delicious drinks to complete your dishes!
Boss! Another pasta dish!

▶ Run your own cute bistro!
- Build your bistro up to 5 floors!
- Try to collect all the unique servers!
- Find fascinating ingredients by exploring unknown lands!

▶ Do you have what it takes to be a chef?
- Forgotten! It is gratifying to help our friends with their orders!
- If you meet 6 bosses, it's time to vacation!
- Different cooking challenges you will not want to miss!

▶ Fairy-tale characters come back to life as customers!
- From white snow to Peter Pan and the red hood, meet your favorite characters
- Be part of a fairy tale by helping the characters in the missions!

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