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Hero x Hero Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Hero in the world X Hero has 4 different elements: Fire, Water, Earth and Lightning. The relationships between these elements are great for road war.

Some weapons have elemental attacks.
When a weapon becomes a base species, it faces an elemental injury.
This element greatly affects damage as role elements on the contrary.

Firearms: Great damage to Earth's animals
Small damage to the water monster
Water Guns: Great damage to fire monsters
Lightning is not too dangerous for animals
Lightning Weapons: The Great Destruction of Water Monsters
Small damage to earth monster
Earthworks: A Great Damage to Lightning Shades
Monsters are not very dangerous in the fire

Additionally, Behemoths will vary by party depending on the elemental attack.
If you have a weapon with elemental attack, target the pieces that are the worst!

Like weapons, some weapons have elemental defense. If you have elementary elementary armor, take a major defense.
Higher elemental defenses, lower damage caused by elemental attack on animals.

Protects the fire: reduces damage to animals
Water resistance: water damage from animals is reduced
Lightning: Help Reduce damage to animal beams
Site Deforestation: Small damage caused by Earth's animals

Try to equip the elemental defense as the opposite monster element!

There are many types of game heroes. Everyone, in addition to various statistics and health injuries, is his ability. The hero's ability is released at one level: in 5 for common heroes, level 3 of rare and brilliant heroes unlock their skills at level 1. You can find this information by Click on your map Hero.

The ability of some heroes to attract heroes or friendly enemies. A hero must strike another hero to please them. An Enchanted hero has a visual impact on this environment and has become one spell at a time, the new spell in disabling past many. If you want to know how well your heroes are, click on the card and you will find all the information in her stats.

For example: attractive enchants generous hero who panic with + 50% bonus and you will know the bonuses that your hero is happy because it illuminates. If the hero is taken by the Shaman, it fills fortune and love with 30% damage instead of minors and his hero with a doggy dog ​​around them.

Mignon & Brutal, excellent counterattack!
Hero hero

■■■■■■ Characteristics of the game ■■■■■■

▶ Final action RPG ◀
Feel the ecstasy with your fingers!

▶ My action is in LIVE ◀
Enjoy a real-time battle with users from around the world!

▶ Fast RPG Shrink ◀
Over 500 missions, 35 abilities attract your eyes!
Hack & Slash Core! Beat tons of monsters at once!

▶ Be the fascinating hero! (I.e.
Decorate your heroine with more than 35 costumes

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