Sunday, August 27, 2017

Charles 2 Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Practice Dodging!
Dodging is a skill on how to dodge well in the game.
You will notice that when an enemy dot appears, it won't hurt you if you touch them about 1 second after they spawn, when you hit them.
You will have a few amount of time to dodge or go away from the spawning dots.
Don't be afraid to the spawning dots if you don't have a clear path to escape from dots that are following you, just go through at them and you will be fine.
Some enemy dots will fire at you with different style of trajectory or projectiles of their weapons. You can observe their trajectory patterns and you can guess where is the safest path to go through.

Items are very important in the game, they can help you eliminate the dots or they can help you interrupt enemy dots with various effects such as stun, confuse, reverse direction etc.
It is recommended to get them as soon as possible to eliminate early spawning dots. Remember, it is more easier to dodge when there are few enemy dots only, so get those items as fast as you can!

Watch Ads.
You can double, triple or if you are lucky you can quadruple your earnings from your last run!
This is more awesome if your previous run is successful. You can upgrade your plane easily if you watch those ads to multiply your earnings.

Upgrade your Plane.
Your plane has 3 parts, it is the head, body and the tail.
Those three parts can be upgradable by spending it with your coins.
The head part is your primary weapon, it has a directional attacking pattern.
The body part is your secondary weapon, it has other types of attacking pattern, such as homing missile, random missile and etc.
The tail part is your travel speed, the more you upgrade, the more faster your plane are.

More than 111% to 222%, we have doubled!
222% first charles2 project !!
Quickly prevents enemies from moving the plane.
If you just avoid it, you're a fool! Destroy, destroy and destroy the points!
You can find many bosses and cute objects while playing.
You will be a fantastic player if you break the final boss at the stage level!

Just enjoy
"Charles2" of 222%
-------------------------------------------------- -------------------
Characteristics of the game:
- Challenge your friends with the support of GooglePlay.
- You can select many types of aircraft.
- Easy and fun to play, but addictive.
- Colorful UI, fun sound effects, simple and attractive design

Enjoy charles2 while you are changing, on a date, on the bus or subway, waiting in the bank and so on. At any time, anywhere you can play "charles2" !! 111