Thursday, August 24, 2017

Haki Legend Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Kim: the best piece. You can perform an event activity by adding or adding.
Berry: the most common currency. You can get activities.
Seoul: If you collect 30 souls of heroes, you can call the hero. The soul can be recruited through recruitment and other activities.
Orb (Orb): Can be used to improve a character's abilities. You can get adventure, daily quests, activities, events.
Prestige: increased character status. Adventure, daily issues, activities and events.
Option: The hero gets these points when he leaves.
Power: A point that shows the total intensity after calculating all the statistics.
Energy: It is consumed when the game phase is called into question. For example: each time you fight in the adventure, you will lose 3 to 5 energies.
EXP: transfer card: it can be used to move an EXP from that hero to another effector, with a Hero 1 or higher transfer level and not your formatting.
Title Card: available to increase statistics for the entire team. There are two types of temporary cards and permanent cards.
Card Holder: Can be used to open or enhance open sheets.
Star Map: available to enhance Star of the Hero. Unusual case.
Duo: Can be used to drill holes on the device. It is available in cases and stores.
Skill Points: can be used to improve skills.
Arena Points: It is removed from the arena and can be exchanged for items, alliance gifts.
Medals: exchange elements in the arena. You can get a higher rank in the arena.
Challenge time: Medieval period to challenge other players in the arena.
Duel Card: Can be used to take time to challenge.
Meeting Letter: Can be used to take time from an occasional meeting.

Captain: player, level character, power and energy. Material, article, heroes ...
Avatar: You can change Avatar: Click on Screen Image Choose the image of the hero recruiting to be your Avatar.
Title: Increase voltage statistics. To use the title, select Title> Select title> Activate. Then click the Title tab, choose a valid title, and click Apply.

Hero: three kinds of heroes, attack, defense, incredible magic.
To view hero information: Click> Hero from the Home screen> Click Hero to show it.
Unlock and improve your skills: each hero adds strength to the initial skills. As their stars grow, other skills are opened.
The ability to book is necessary to improve skills. Detailed Hero Interface> Select Skills Open> Select Upgrade> Select the number of books you need to use.
Improvements: connect potential points to permanent status heroes and bulbs digest the process.
Train: use prestige to reinforce the hero. You can use regular training (increase in random statistics) or advanced training (add selected statistics).
Star: The expansion of stars will increase the status of all heroes. When the hero reaches a certain level, you can improve the stars with a sufficient number of souls and stars.
Seoul: You can combine heroes by combining 30 heroic heroes. If you lose a soul or have a hero, you can improve the stars by stealing the souls of other people.

Materials: Heroes can equip them and increase statistics. Some devices may generate different bonus statistics.
Device Method: Home Screen> Click Tool> Click the device and drag it to the hero.
Improved: the level of development of instruments and strengthening statistics.
Inlay: Attack, Magic, Defense, HP, Speed: Jewelry has five types of jewelry. The jewel measures up to five jewels of the same type and the same level unites together.
Devil Fruits: Help heroes practice special skills with dramatic effect.
To use the devil's fruit, go to the bar> Set to collect the devil's fruit, then go to the devil's fruit and drag them to the hero.
The fruits of the devil can be transformed into another evil.

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