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Dawn Rising Guide Cheats - Gift Codes & Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

1.Player HP Size: You can not reach 0. The rookie restores slowly because it can not be hurt.
2. Caliber: When complete, you can use Magic. Improve time and action.
3.Map: Here you can see the position of the portals and other hunters.

It can be affected by various types of state diseases throughout the area.

- Dead / Dead Lilo: permanent defeat.
- Fire: Damage damaged; Can be supported with Dodge.
- paralysis: do not work
- Slow: Reducing the workforce.
- Freezing: instability and continuous damage; May be vulnerable to an attack on an ally.
- Slip: Press for action.
- Silent: It is impossible to use Magic.
- Interests: Disability; Save it too often to waste time
- Ink: the vision of falling; Enjoy the flash.
Adults can be redefined or use state-wizards.

The numbers presented when animals have tears have these meanings.

The numbers are shown on animals
- White: Destroying Damage to the Sample.
Yellow: The essential damage was treated in the sample.
- Orange: Damage caused by a sample when the tired or weak point hits the number on the match.
- Red: Damage caused by non-elemental attacks.
Rose was attacked.
- Green: catastrophic attack on earth.
- Yellow: The Lightning Attack of Lightning.
- Blue: Defeat faces water attacks.
- Yellow Yellow: HP Got.

You can use magic to use Magi slots in your gun.
Any kind of magic can be activated if the meter is full. With action, attacks and more, the caliber of magic will increase.

Red Magic is called Attack Attack and is equipped with weapons.
The magic attack allows you to take part in big animal damage.
While the number of ATK and elementary ATK attacks is set, ATK increases from the Magi element unit and armed elements.

Magi Blue is called Magi Holder and is equipped with weapons.
Magic Support allows you to add special effects to your weapons, for example, adding DEF and placing it on top of the mountain.

Magi Verdi is called Magi Recovery and is equipped with weapons.
Recovery Magic lets you get HP and cure the disease in the state.

Yellow Mages are called Skills to Improve Mages.
Unlike other mages, it is equipped with armor.
Developing skills The effects of magic are passive and do not require field activation.
Statistics such as HP and TAK have been added.

On the day of the call you can use Behemoths with Gems and Summon Tickets.
Garanties offered by a search party are guaranteed to receive rewards when a Behemoth is defeated.
Different types of equipment can be used with these prices and other materials.
* If the hunter does not meet the wish, the same may be the same as the search.
Findings end 90 days after purchase. After expiration, it automatically converts to tablets on it.
Behemoth and sent for your gifts.
Conversion of instructions may take time.
For Magic Call that Magic can get you as a weapon and weapon.

Mages were captured with armor equipment and equipment details.
Some mages may have locking devices and solutions.
You will find many Magi tools available at the same time as you selected the devices.
You can purchase a variety of things to help with your trip by choosing "Buy".
Look at your items by selecting "Inventory" on the city screen and then the "icon" icon above.
Select a button to view the description and tap "Use" to use it.
Each element requires many jewels.

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