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War and Magic Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

You can make donations of resources to make a donation. When leaving the alliance, all warehouse donation resources and donations will be cleaned up. Thus, sometimes the resources of the alliance will be low. When the municipality reaches the required level, it provides crystal and jewel. You can check donation history in membership rankings.

You can get soldiers who have contributed by the search helpers. You can click on the chat, click on the third button, review the result, and help the allied information.

Home Store
Some items of the game can only be delivered to the store. Eventually, the contributing alliance will be restored. Sometimes new items of updates are available in the Storehouse.

You can exchange articles using this post. Some items are available as teleports and advanced fragments of Hero EXP.

Alliance Store
Leadership options
1. Skill Practices: Work for all members of the alliance. Only leaders and members of rank 2 can improve trees.
2. Upgrade Alli: You can upgrade the alliance and recruit more members so you can buy items cheaper.
3. Setting:
Open recruitment: When you open it, a gentleman applies for an alliance and joins you directly.
City level requirements: In order to improve the effectiveness of members' recruitment that you want to improve, you can identify the room level requirements.

War and Magic 2: Heroes feature.
You can purchase temporary buffs by clicking the three-color buttons on the top right of the hero's site.
There are two heroes in the game: Magic ATK and ATK Physics. Magic Tak's hero is recommended to fight against magical units. This dramatically increases the strength and buzz.
A hero
There are many ways to improve the hero's level.
1. Kill the monsters, Rock of Age
2. Get an item EXP remuneration online, in secret treasure and package.
The equipment can be used to increase Hero Star ratings. You can find accessories: 1. Kill the killing. City forging. If the hero gets the highest star rating, you need to raise the hero level first.
Doing work
Different heroes have different abilities. A book is needed to improve skills. There are many types of books, such as order form, books of darkness, temple books, natural books, etc.
Special points are needed to improve specialty fields. Points can be obtained by improving star rating of the hero.
A star symbol unit is recommended for the current hero. Click on the automatic auction, you can add units right away. Since units in three intermediate countries are vulnerable to attacks, we recommend adding units to these spaces.

1. Polymorph: Changes the enemy units to the sheep. This sheep can not be attacked, and if you give it damage it will return to normal. This ability does not work on higher level units.
2. Fire Strike: The only damage to the target. This ability is related to a higher level of injury.
3. Dragon's anger: It sets great damage to all enemy units. This ability is related to a higher level of injury.
Book: order

Phoenix Knight
1. appropriate protection: to strengthen the protection of all Allied units, to add the attack every hour. This skill is more effective at a higher level.
2. Centralized Strike: give only goal damage, reduced by two rounds in the protection of targets. This skill is more effective at a higher level.
3. Suck ash: Take a walk in Phoenix for you. The number called Phoenix is ​​determined by the death of the Allies. Phoenix level is defined by that level of skill.
Book: order

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