Thursday, August 24, 2017

Dragon Samurai Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Consume soul fragments to improve your hero.
Each update will have its attributes enhanced.

Ride up
Once a hero reaches a certain level, the revelation of stones and gold will increase his attributes.
Reach certain levels to release new abilities.

Consume other heroes to improve your target hero's star, as well as their attributes and skill effects.

In Forge Home and Stages, you can get advanced equipment that can improve the attack of your heroes, HP and your armor.
If they are computers, they will have additional attributes.

Once you have completed a certain level, the artifacts will start to be won.
In addition to improving the attributes of your hero. Artifacts can be used to inflict even more damage on your enemies.
Artifacts must consume others in order to modernize.

Once the heroes reach level 40, they will get a hero badge.
Badges improve many of the attributes of a hero.
You can consume valuable powders to reinforce these attributes or change the attribute.

After passing a certain difficulty stage, the statues will begin to be won.
Heroes can take into account the extra capacity offered by these statues.

Add a friend
In the discussion channel interfoce. Click the pin icon to send them a friend request.
Check your list of recommended friends to see who to send the request to.

Friendship key
Friends can send and receive friendship keys that can be used to summon heroes.

For a certain time. You have the possibility to discover a friend BOSS.
Help your friends defeat BOSSES to receive points where 2 weekly bonuses are rewarded.

The fused quartz has two functions, one is the improvement of the stars, the other is a random fusion.

Request a star update
Choose a hero you want to update your star, and then designate other heroes to cast.
A hero who has his level of updated stars will retain all of his original attributes and equipment.
Heroes consumed decompose and return all their rewards.

Random Fusion
Receive a random hero from a higher-ranked ranking when a hero meets all award criteria.
Heroes consumed decompose and return all their rewards.

Completing the beat condition of a step and a certain degree will allow you to move to the next level.
Each stage is divided into three categories, ordinary, difficult and extreme.
Unlock the previous difficulty to move on to the next one.

Automatic battles
The automatic stage battles produce pieces of exp, coins, fragments of souls and other objects.
Take more difficulty tests to receive rarer products. The automatic fighting can last up to 8 hours before producing rewards.

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