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Dragon Project Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Welcome to Dragon Project! To help you along, below is a basic overview of the game.
You are a Hunter, a professional monster slayer.
Discover the story ahead of you by carrying out missions from Pamela!

You can obtain experience points (EXP) by slaying monsters and accomplishing certain missions.
Your level and base stats increase as you level up.

You can use Tablets you've obtained to forge new weapons and armor.
Tablets are guaranteed when you defeat a Behemoth that you have summoned.

1.Summon a Behemoth.
2.Go to Axel's Quests and select My Quests.
3.Slay monsters and obtain Tablets!
4.Forge new equipment!

You can always take a break from the main story and join in events!
You‘|I find a variety of events to join, such as seasonal events, skill-testing events,
Hunter co-op events, and many more.
Earn rewards through completing events!
Get stronger, forge and enhance your equipment, and cooperate with friends to slay monsters and gradually unravel the mystery of the dragon!

You can check player stats at the top of the Town screen.

Here you can check your current level and EXP. Your level increases as you earn EXP, improving your character stats.

This magical item is used to revive in battle, purchase items, and for summoning Behemoths and Magi.
Gems can be obtained as a bonus for unlocking portals and completing missions, as well as purchased in the Shop.

Mainly obtained by hunting monsters.
Obtained by selling material and equipment, as well as by completing missions and quests.
Gold is used to forge, enhance, and evolve equipment, as well as for Magi Fusion.

Obtained by hunting monsters, mining, and gathering.
Used for forging, enhancing, and evolving equipment, as well as enhancing Magi.
Can be sold for Gold.

Upon accepting a mission, you can head out to explore the field.
Use the one-touch controls to fight monsters!
You may encounter other Hunters on the field.
Turn the tables in your favor by working with as many Hunters as you can!

Move: Swipe
Dodge: Flick
Attack: Tap
Special Action: Hold, then release

Bushes and rocks on the field can be searched.
Be sure to mine and gather whatever you find!

Monsters and portals marked by a yellow marker above them (see above) are the mission target.
Slay monsters, gather items, unlock portals, and proceed further to clear the mission.

If your HP runs out and you have fallen, you can be revived by other Hunters.
When other Hunters enter your circle, the Revive gauge will rise.
You will be revived once the when the gauge is full.
Be sure to help out other Hunters who need help on the field!
The more players who need help, the faster the revive speed becomes.
*There's a limit to how many times you can be revived when fighting Behemoths.

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