Thursday, August 24, 2017

Tiny Dino World: Return Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Protective structures will bring more gold to people: as many people live there, the higher the income.
The top of the tower shows how much gold and maximum amount it can handle. Click here to collect all the gold that he has made.
In addition, the level can not hit the city.
To reach a certain level, you should also eat certain foods to continue growing.
The Dino level can not exceed the level of the city.
Exp can not be added to dino if the level is at the highest level.
Many missions give you fragments of dino, so look.

Leveling gives the Dino experience and increases its level. Dino can not get levels after reaching the maximum level of growth, but can reach the level of the soul.
Soul Level: The combination of the same type of dinosaurs (including dinosaurs) to increase the spirit level, Dino HP and DPS add.

This can increase the maximum increase in growth, the number of times this can increase, the maximum growth rate of a dinosaur, other than the Dino-star at a maximum of 60.
The growth element can be obtained from exploration.

Dino can increase the range of changing stars. After the Dino- and DPS upgrade, HP's evolution will also change passive skills, fighters, and upper levels.

At Dino Zoo you can send Dino to different locations for exploring.
Searches will find growth elements for Dino, it is also possible to find different rune.
After updating the region, it is possible to find a soul jewelry, Dino curtains and fragments of expsaurus.

You can change totem patterns, the more dinosaurs have more models than you get.

Blessing can temporarily be useful for the city or dinner.

Creating elements: an element of evolution.
The elements you need to create the element of evolution.
The most important tools include the tools needed to make objects, including bottles, transfers.

Runes of art.
Two races of the same type can be combined with a higher level of high performance nomination level, the more it costs and the less chance of success.
Runes will not disappear even if treatment fails.

Fight the article.
Create items that can be used in combat. Players need to buy prescription recipes to create articles.
The ingredients needed to create an article are buying exploration. Basic ingredient (nix workshop production).

Elements against.
Each building will have an element based on residents.
There are 4 types of elements, without element of water and wood.
Everything is nothing more than anything, fire comes on wood, wood refuses and water prevents fire.
Fires will cause more damage to wood and cause more damage to water and vice versa.

Increase in HP's construction and revenue.

You can move buildings to test different strategies and increase people's protection.

Dino Soul.
You can give Dino's spirits to all their buildings to give fans and strengthen their defensive power.

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