Sunday, August 20, 2017

Meshi Quest Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Meshi Quest Five Star Kitchen.

The stages will increase as you go!

Before the cooking starts, you'll see your current score.
After cooking, your ranking will change depending on your score

If this gauge turns red, watch out!
Customers will leave if they have to wait too long

Once you have the sushi rice and the topping in the hand,
it will start pressing them together.
While it's doing that, tap plate to prepare the plates to put the sushi on!

Sushi is served to the customers on these small plates

Just take the customer's money, and you're done.
If you don't take it, new customers won't turn up, so make sure to get it!

Getting food to the customers quickly will improve their feedback
They'll also give you bigger tips!

If the customer gets angry, you won't receive a tip
Serving orders quickly is very important.

Serve the order while this gauge is rainbow-colored to receive
a Perfect rating and get a bonus to your score!

As you keep fulfilling orders,
you will start to rack up a combo!

The higher your combo,
the bigger the bonus you'll get at the end of the stage!

Watch out, if a customer gets angry and leaves it will break your combo!
That's about all you need to know to get started with the game.

Your score's recorded! It Mil increase as your coolging improves!

After cooking, you'll receive a star grade based on your score.
The more stars you collect, the more you'll unlock in the encyclopedia

To serve more customers, it's very important to make your restaurants bigger!

Upgrade your kitchen to increase the number of fancy dishes you can serve!
You'll be able to cook large amounts quickly!

Upgrade your interior to make your restaurant more fancy and improve customer reviews!
Customers will be willing to wait longer and give bigger tips, too

Fill the gauge and your Chef Rank will increase.
With each new rank, you'll receive rewards like Gems or Coins, plus you'll unlock new restaurants!

Your collectable profits will increase as you clear more stages
A restaurant's grade determines how much profit it can hold, so be sure to collect it regularly.

If you accidentally make the wrong order, you can drag it to the garbage and make it again

If you throw food in the garbage, you will lose profits! Try not to waste food!

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