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Light x Shadow Guide Cheats - Gift Codes & Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Brawlmodus is the "Light x Shadow" mode, a total length of 8 minutes, but divided into two goods, four minutes in half.
The way to win Each game has 12 players, divided into four teams, each team of three players.
The exact score is based on the number of dead teams in each team, the first three teams receive honors.
Four groups of four ticket offices on the map can be anyway.
But every place of birth has a great deal of damage. Do not approach the bottom of the team.
In Combat mode, the eight points on the card will update relevant objects to let you know.

At the beginning of the game, every place benefits from an energy booth.
The presence of this company has gained strength, and the map has four areas to recover energy.
And when the energy runs 100%, you can click on a button called "God Blessing" to get buff, all the members of the team have grown up. Thus, a team that has an energy-saving site is also an important part.

After two loosening in the game, the first three teams can be collected from the game.

The 5V5 Classic Mode card uses the three traditional ww lines and the two groups have two wild places.
The two sides have five players, starting a three-line fight and eventually losing the base to win.
Choose the classic 5V5 mode, choose a battle, strategy, tactics, technology, the overall situation you need in battle.
This map is divided into tables, mountains, three sheets, spots and rivers.
This is also the traditional control of the MOBA in the convent's successful design.

The two stages have two wild spots and each field has three groups of wild animals. The killing of various wild animals has several buffaloes.
The gods of the future and the gods of the past are another strength of the game, even the consequences of war.
On this map, two parts have a tower defense, each line has a turret tower, a common turret and a base. If the tanker is not destroyed, the central towers and the base not only of the few towers will not be destroyed, but it is also the base of unbefeler.
So anyone wishing to win a win over time: killing can not win, with the destruction of some towers to eat, is just the way to victory!

It's a magic system to try your luck.
Step 1. Enter the game and click "Pinball"
Step 2. Click the "FRIESTEN" button, add the pinball and start your pinball game.
The game can be based on experience over time. Everyone fell without ceasing.
Step 3. As a result, the pinball system has an energetic position. Try out the pinball conditions
The system can produce energy. If energy is full of energy, players can get more than 10 free pinball machines.

Need to find, ask for BOSS, PK, these are the key elements for all games.
The "Lightx Shadow" has a search system and the search system is an important source of the game to earn money in the game.
Click the "Search" button in the middle of the window center window, the interface may be the same as the one of the three detection activity days, as shown above, the problems to complete the complaint comparison.
For example, the first attempt to play in the previous team, and you get 150 gold coins.
If you are dissatisfied with the loop, it may be in the "New" button to activate the operation, but once at a time, in an opportunity for free convenience.
Therefore, it is proposed that priority be given to high income issues to complete or improve the quest for legitimate quests.

[Characteristics of the game]

1. Playability of 5v5 MOBA!
Classic card 5v5, enjoy the most original MOBA game experience!
Teamwork Gank Death Attack Penta Kill

2. Brav Mode 3v3v3v3!
An innovative game never seen before!
Chaos but fun to play against other teams

3. 20+ different manga heroes and 7 fairies!
20+ Heroes Manga with different strengths
Reinforce with 7 fairies, 21 additional talents

4. Make friends in the game
Chat, dance, celebrate victories, create new friends!
Build a perfect team to win the battle!

Gift Codes: secondday & happyweekends (claim on sat & sun only!).

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