Sunday, June 26, 2016

Bakery Story: Cat Cafe Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game


So you want to run your own bakery? That's great! If you're a little confused then I can help you out, just keep reading and I'm sure your questions will be answered. There are several important aspects to running a successful bakery: Cooking Food, Serving Food, Keeping Customers Happy, and Customizing Your bakery.Cooking Food

Cooking Food is super easy and super fun!

Step 1: find an empty oven and tap on it twice to open the cookbook.

Step 2: find the dish you would like to cook and tap on it to select it.

Step 3: prepare your dish by tapping on it to prepare or add the dish's various ingredients - once you have finished this step you will need to wait for your dish to finish cooking to continue.

Step 4: once your dish finishes cooking, tap on it again to add the final touches.

Step 5: tap on your dish a final time to move it to an available serving counter where it can be served to your guests.

Serving Food

Once your food is on a serving counter (as explained in the final step of Cooking Food), it will be served to customers automatically as they find empty seats in your bakery. If you don't have any available serving tables then you need to either a) buy more from the store, b) remove food from existing serving tables by tapping on it and choosing remove, or c) wait for your customers to eat all of the food off of one serving table.

Please note that identical food types (blue cupcakes on two ovens, for example) will INITIALLY take up two serving counters, but if your serving counters are becoming full then your chef will combine your identical dishes to make room for new food.

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