Sunday, June 26, 2016

Loong Craft Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Being known as one of the best mobile MMORPG in Asia, the English version of Loong Craft is being launched soon by Ujoy, a well-known mobile game publisher around Southeast Asia. Ahead of its release, let’s take a first look at the four classes of the game, each of which might grant you various abilities.  


For fans of melee attack and tanking, warrior should be considered as the choice of preference. With the advantage of health point and defence, warrior is not easy to be defeat in battles and plays the role of tank in team fights. In addition, warrior has the ability of charge allowing him to move extremely fast to the enemies and launch deadly melee attacks.

Familiar to warrior, lancer is also good at melee attacks. However, the latter is more like a role of assassin. Lancer is dangerous for her mighty speed. When encountering enemies, lancer can always stab them to death before any actions taken against her. Moreover, lancer’s attacks affect multiple targets therefore she is definitely an excellent “road cleaner” in game.

Archer is the expert of ranged offence in Loong Craft. She can kill anyone she sees from miles. Lancer will be played like sniper in game. Each of her arrows launched targets the fatal points of the enemies. So once you got killed but cannot see who did it, don’t be surprised as archer can always find the best place to perform brutal stealth killing. However, archer won’t have good defensive ability so once detected by enemies, she would get into trouble.

Differing from the former ones, tactician is not good at direct combat but strategic and tactical abilities. He can cast spells of control-impairing effect on enemies, which might change the whole circumstance of battle. Tactician can also provide bonus effect with all of his buff skills. Despite of his weakness of combat abilities, tactician still plays important role on any fields.  
The four classes are significantly diverse with the characteristics of each. All of them contribute to battles in different aspects.

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