Sunday, May 29, 2016

Arcane Online Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Top 2 Events for Arcane Online

Sweepstake Event.

Hunt down any monster close to your character level to collect the Sweepstake Pouches, which contain variety of rewards!
Each Sweepstake Pouch contains a Healthy Pot Pie which restores 50% of your HP and MP instantly, but you may also find an additional loot in the bag!
If you are lucky enough to find a Monarch Emblem, you will get a time-limited relic accessory which will significantly boost your stats!

Level Up Challenge Event!

Starting a new event, the goal is to reach the required level by the deadline and be in the Top X ranking in the Hall of Fame "Level" to receive some nice rewards, including Rubies, Gold and other items!

The targets are as follows:
- be in Top 200 and  level 30+ by Wed. June 1st.
- be in Top 100 and  level 40+ by Wed. June 8th.
- be in Top 50 and  level 50+ by Wed. June 15th.

They will check the data at 23:59 PM server time for each server.

They will also give an additional Special Reward to players in Top 10 of the Hall of Fame "Level" on June 15th.
- Top 10 to 4 will receive a Legendary+ mount: the Magic Carpet
- Top 3 players will receive a Legendary++ mount: the Metal Jaguar (very exclusive as it can't be obtained in the shop or game at the moment)

Note that you can eventually claim all the rewards for level 30, 40 and 50 if you are in the Top X on the target day!
However you can only get one of the two legendary mounts.

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