Friday, May 27, 2016

MOE Kingdoms Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Top 6 Events on MOE Kingdoms

Event #1: Moe kingdom First-recharge rants double ingots as well as radiance pack
The long-term event grants the radiance pack for any amount recharged.
The pack contains Lv.20 yellow weapons, Lv 3 gem packs and great enhance stones and gold.
Want them? Go to recharge now !

Event #2: Monthly card grants ingots
The long-term event granis 300 ingots to monthly card buyers who could also get 100 ingots daily for 30 days.
During the monthly card period. buyers could get double attack and bonus gold, Exp and gears from dungeons.

Event #3: Recharge to get rewards as well as ultimate items
The long-term event grants rewards like orange treasure and advanced gems to players with certain total recharge amount. Don't miss this good chance!

Event #4: Monthly Card National Beneļ¬ts
The long-term event grants monthly card players with privileges and the whole server with benefits!
When there are required monthly card players, all server players could get great rewards!

Event #5: Cash Cow grants great ingots
During the event. putting ingots in the cornucopia grants great ingots.
Time to store supplies for the war!

Event #6: Kill bosses to win rewards
During the event, killing the required dungeon boss in the time-Iimit grants gold chests and gems! Challenge
your limit and be the top of the world!

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