Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Stellar Striker Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Wingman Tips

1. How to get the Wingman?
Enter the main interface and click the Wingman System, then get the wingman according to the unlocking

2.How to distinguish the quality of Wingman?
The main attribute of wingman is star, the main value is reflected by wingman injury. The higher the star and injury, the better the wingman. There are various types of bullets. You can select your favorite wingman according to display effect.

3. How to upgrade the Wingman?
Wingman upgrade need to consume induction stone, stone can be achieved in the treasury, the arena, the rank chest and in various activities. Wingman level cap is twice of Legion, for example: when level cap of Legion is level 10, the level cap of wingman is 20.

4. How many wingmen can be assigned during one battle?
You may own several wingmen at the same time, but you can equip only one on the main fighter.

5. How to achieve the potential point?
Potential point is achieved through breaking down the synthetic equipment, the superior limit is based on the overall fighting force of all the wingmen.

6. What kind of additive effects do wingmen technology have?
Wingman Technology provides a total of ten different bonuses, each little technology point carries on fighting attribute, a big technology point contain the four attributes of these little technology points.

Rewards Tips

1.Can I still claim the Seven-day Carnival Reward if it is past the seven day.
Certainly, the rewards can be claimed if you meet the requirement, there are no time limitations.

2. What are the types of activities in Seven-day Carnival?
General Benefit: claimable as long as meeting the requirements of certain days to login;
Recharge Benefit: Only for those who have recharged.
National Challenge: According to the claiming time, it is divided into the following seven challenges;
Level Challenge: claimable if reaches a specified level;
Combat Power Challenge: claimable if receives the specified combat power;
Level Challenge: claimable if passes the certain checkpoint;
Rank Challenge: claimable after obtaining the specified rank;
Arena Challenge: claimable after reaching the certain rank in the arena
Consuming Challenge: claimable after consuming a specified number of diamond;
Recharging Challenge: claimable after recharging a specified number of diamond

3. How to claim the First-recharge benefit?
Recharge any amount of money will do.

4. What are the advantages of first recharge?
If you do the first recharge, you can get not only the gift pack for first recharge and also gift pack of shards. What’s more, you can consume one diamond to buy a first recharge rebate pack, there are a great amount of currencies, relics and materials for blessing.

5.Why can’t I claim the Big Dipper after 12 o’clock?
You can claim the Big Dipper once each day, and the refreshing time is 5 o’clock in the morning. If you don’t claim, it will be kept until the next day.

6.How can I get the Key to Maze?
Each time you purchase an amount of money, you can obtain a Key to Maze automatically.

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