Friday, May 27, 2016

Mystic Castle Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Eternal Arena
Eternal Arena is a more advanced arena, like a Trial Tower, where you have a never-end challenge and get great rewards. The higher floor you reach, the more rewards you will get!
Eternal Arena is located at the top left in Map 2, and its entrance icon is like two blue hammers crossing together. And you need a Royal Symbol to enter. It is a challenging function that not only takes much time, but needs appropriate team lineup. It also has a separate Rankings, which can stimulate players to go farther.

Dark Rift
Dark Rift is a new maze where monsters, buildings and even the Portal which is the entrance to the next floor will appear randomly. You will start over every time you enter Dark Rift.
Dark Rift is located in Map 5, and its entrance icon is like a dark whirlpool. You need a Holy Torch to enter.

There are two main methods to explore according to your requirement:
1) To get materials
The bosses here could loot some rare materials, like Box shards, Flute shards, Claymore shard, which are necessary materials to upgrade classes. If you want to get these materials, you need to focus on seeking the Portal's location and reach more floors.
2) To get more progress
The highest exploration progress in Dark Rift will be added into your total progress. If you want to expand your progress, you need to try your best to increase the progress.

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