Friday, May 6, 2016

Digital Tamer Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Digimons are our best partners,we need to have some strategy to train our digimons better to achieve more victory. Here are some suggestions.

1、From the beginning, we need to focus on 2 digimons at most. After we have more resouces and knowledge, we can train more digimons. The principle is simple, we have to put limited resources on one or two digimons.
2、We should put right digimons in formation. They should be in pair so that intrigue the extra skills. That’s a more efficient team.
3、Equipment is more important than digimons. Because you need six equipments for one digimons. Remember to update equipment to keep up.

Mysterious Store
Mysterious store could offer a lot of good stuff to help tamers. We should know some basic knowledge about it so that we can collect necessary items more efficiently.

We can easily find that 5 low-star digimons or equipment need medals less than 1 high-star digimon or equipment. Under the circumstances, we could buy 5 low-grade digimons to compound one high-grade item. It will consume extra gold coins, although it will save medals.
 I don’t recommend this way for paid players who are lack of gold coins. It’s a good method for common players. In addition, the value of equipment is 35% higher than digimon which is in the same level.And every 7-star digimon needs 6 7-star equipments, you can see that equipments’ value are much higher than digimons. Therefore, summon equipment  for ten times is also better than summon digimon. Because you need more high-star equipments than digimons.

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