Friday, April 29, 2016

Medieval Battles Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Command indicates the Squad Size; Upgrade Command Lv to enlarge the Squad Size;
Please use Tome of Command to upgrade Command Lv; Tome of Command can be obtained through purchase, Resources Mines and related Events,

Power is the power calculation of your current Squad with best formation;
Can improve Power through training Advance Troop, Technology Research, upgrading Skill and Command;

Title can increase your Fame and enlarge your Squad Size.
The higher Title you've got, the more Fame you will receive and more Squad Size at battle.
Upgrading Title requires certain character level and Gold;

The level of Fame is the upgrade limit for Technology Research.
Fame can be obtained through Military Rank, Campaign, Corps Donation and Events.,

Technology Description
Technology can be upgraded in College
Technology Research requires certain Fame Level and will cost some resources and time.
There's only 1 queue for Research, which can be unlocked for more queues through VIP privilege.

Upgrading Skill can boost your Power.
Upgrading Skill requires Badge of War.
Badge of War can be obtained through Campaign, Resources Mine, Lucky Draw Corps Battle and Events.,

Squad Replacement
Before Lv.4, all the new squads level will be the same as barracks; but from Lv.5, all the new squads will be Lv.58 in max.

First Strike
In Campaign, non-occupied Resources Mine, Battlefield Clearance and Arena, the attacking side will strike first. When plunder a player's home base and or an occupied Resources Mine, the defending side will attack first.

By defeating the garrison in the home base of this player, you can receive 10% of the unprotected resources outside the Warehouse. The total amount won't exceed the Max Load of your whole troop; By defeating the guarding troops at Resources Mine, you can receive all the resources before till the max Load of your whole troop.

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