Tuesday, May 17, 2016

League of Anime Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

As a newbie, the top priority is to know which Heroes are worth cultivating and which Heroes can be easily starred up.

Here is the simple strategy for newbies to level up and I wish it could be much helpful to you.

Princess would be our first. She has a wonderful defense ability and she can protect low-HP Heroes from attacks.Players can also upgrade Nine-tails first as he can be obtainedby signing in and he is a powerful Hero with high ATK. Songstress, who is known for her ability of restoring HP, can also be
your top choices too.

On the second day, Leo will be given to you as a gift and he can be usually put in the No.5 slot. For the No.4 slot, you can put a long-range shooter. Sniper is not that hard to get and he’s a good choice for No.4 slot.

After creating a squad, getting Gear will be your next move. First, you need to raid all the instances that may drop Heroes’ Pieces. After that use your extra VIT to raid Purple Gear instance in the order of: Nine-tails→Princess→Songstress→Sniper.

Players play different versions very much differently and I try to offer all our players with the most helpful tips I can come up with. In order to havemore fun, having Nine-tails and Princess in the first squad and having a shooter and a tank in the second squad would be a nice choice.

Diamond is usually used to buy VIT, exchange forGold or you can even save it for the upcoming events. Each day, you can raid instance to get Hero Pieces first and then raid theGear instance.Proof can be redeemed in Arena and Wings can be redeemed in Guild.

Upgrade Necklace in the first place! Don’t rush to Dissolve your extra Purple Gear as it will be very needed afterwards.
Dragonball is recommended to be used for adding HP and DEF!
We advise you to join Deathmatch when your Arena Rank is not high!  

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