Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Tribez at War Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

The Fighter.
This unit has pretty standard stats: his health is moderate, his attack is moderate, and his speed is moderate as well.
It's a basic unit in the fullest sense of the word. However, when handled wisely, it can be used very strategically in your attacks.
This unit can be used to disarm traps (by sacrificing himself), flank defending archers or simply tank the incoming damage.
You'll find him much more useful than you could have originally imagined. Learn ?? more about the game and crush your opponents!

The Fighter is an offensive type; he disdains defense precautions in favor of the protection of intense personal arrogance.
He doesn’t even care to put a shirt on; all he wants to ?? crush, attack, and destroy the enemy.
Do you think there is anyone more fearless than him?

The Bomber.
The Bomber is a good candidate.
His self-made flying vehicle allows the Bomber to fly over any fence and drop bombs into the very heart of an enemy base!

The Assassins.
The Assassins are as quick as lightning.
They can leap over the walls of the enemy fortress without effort and strike dead on target.
Moreover, their amazing speed allows them to deal ?more blows? per minute than any other soldier in your heroic army.

Economics 101 for Great Warriors
The more territories you free, the more resources you get per hour from the liberated and duly thankful populace.
So don’t postpone good deeds; hurry to the game and free neighboring lands

Don’t forget to upgrade the Barracks every chance you get.
This will allow you to diversify your army and improve your battle strategy.
Every new upgrade gives you a new unit type with their own unique skills!

Where do I get resources, how do I increase their production?
Collect income from mines, farms, forges and labs. Any resource can also be acquired by defeating other players and destroying barbarian camps.
Gems can be acquired by completing quests, leveling up and unlocking achievements. You can also buy them at the bank!

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