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Hero guide
What is a Hero?

A Hero is a part of your fighting team. You recruit Heroes, add them to your team, and then fight in epic PVP and PVE battles. Increase your Hero's power to increase your own, making it easier to take down that jack-hole that keeps knocking you out of first place!

Where do I get Heroes?

There are a lot of ways to get Heroes. The first way to obtain Heroes is from Quest drops. Each map has a location that will always drop a Hero, so try questing if you need more Heroes!

**PRO TIP** - When questing, make sure you pick up some “Boost Drops” from the store. This will allow you to pick up more drops while AFK. This means more heroes if you’re on the right location!

Recruiting Heroes through the “Hire” tab is as easy as can be! Spend Gems or Coins, use Hearts, or visit The Pantheon to find different ways to hire Heroes. No Gems? No sweat! Use extra Coins to save your Gems and still grow your legions! The Pantheon refreshes regularly, so make sure you visit it often and pick up some sweeeet Heroes!

You can also obtain Heroes from PVP rewards. Fight in PVP Domination and Arena to accrue Badges which you can spend on Heroes. The more you fight and the higher you climb, the more Heroes and better Heroes you can hire.

In-game events sometimes offer Heroes as a prize. Make sure to check out the “Events” tab regularly for GREAT Heroes that you may not get a chance to get again.

How do I upgrade Heroes?

On the “Quest” tab, click “Train”. This will take you to another screen where you can level up your Heroes and train them.

“Upgrading” lets you spend EXP on your Heroes, giving them more power and thereby making them stronger in combat. Once you reach a certain level, you can then level up their “Ch’i”. This takes gold and resources, but provides a HUGE boost to that Hero's’ strength and lets you keep upgrading.

“Train” lets you spend resources to multiple their power. Mine resources in the Mine and use them to train your hero. This is the quickest way to increase your total Power, so make sure you train the heroes you send into combat! Once your Hero reaches Training lv. 20, you’ll have to upgrade their Relic. Relics provide Speed, Defense, Pure, and Crit stats, but take a LOT of resources to unlock.

*PRO TIP* - Did you just find out that Hero you dumped a ton of resources into is actually a piece of garbage? Click the “Capacity Transfer” and you can take all the Training and Upgrading you did and give it to a badass hero. You won’t lose any of your progress, but your attempts are limited so make ‘em count!

What do their colors mean?

The color of the border denote the quality. White - Green - Blue - Purple - Yellow - Gold is the order of rarity. The higher quality generally means the Hero is harder to find and more powerful.

Under the Hero’s picture you’ll see their Power. Is their Power red? Well that guy is gonna crit you so hard you melt! What about Power in blue? Well that guy can take a beating and still stand as he is a Defense Hero. What about White you say? White can do it all! They may not be strong in one area, but they got a little bit of everything.

I have too many heroes! How do I get rid of some of them?

Easy! Click the “Hero” tab. See the “Batch Fire” button and then select each Hero you want to fire. Want to fire a bunch at the same time? Even easier! Click “Batch Select” and you can fire all those scrub Common Heroes.

How do I know if a Hero I don’t have will be good for my team?

We’ll cover teams, suggested setups, and Team Skills in another guide. But if you want to check out a Hero you don’t have to see how good they are, go to the Heroes tab and click “All Heroes”. From there you can see every single Hero in the game, their stats, Team Skill, Relic, etc...

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