Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Kungfu Saga Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

8 wonderful events are await for you!

Event 1 Login 7 days to get Ms. Dragon!

Event Time 7 days after creating a character(End at 24:00 of the 7th day)
ContentDuring event time,login continuously to get God Equipment, plenty of Ingots and Purple God Hero-Ms. Dragon!
Total Login for 1 day:Ingots*100
Total Login for 2 days:New Player God Equipment·Crape Hat*1
Total Login for 3 days:Ingots*150
Total Login for 4 days:Training Pill*500
Total Login for 5 days:Recruitment(H)*2
Total Login for 6 days:Ingots*200
Total Login for 7 days:Purple God Hero-Ms. Dragon*1
Event 2Daily Level up to win Ingots!

Event Time5 days after creating a character(End at 24:00 of the 5th day)
ContentDuring event time, level up to appointed level of every day to get Ingots, Magic charms!
Level up to Lv.17:Ingots*50,Food*25000,Green Stone*5,2-Stars Peach *2
Level up to Lv.24:Ingots*80,Food*40000,Blue charm·Break*5,2-Stars Peach*2
Level up to Lv.29:Ingots*120,Food*60000,Blue charm·Break*5,2-Stars Peach*2
Level up to Lv.33:Ingots*160,Food*80000,Purple charm·War*5,2-Stars Peach*2
Level up to Lv.37:Ingots*200,Food*100000,Purple charm·War*5,2-Stars Peach*2
Event 3Double Gift For First Deposit!

Event Time7 days after creating a character
ContentDouble Gift is coming!Double Ingots bonus + Epic treasure + kinds of items! Every one has 1 chance to get! Don’t hesitate! Hurry up! The event time is only 7 days after creating a character!
RewardFirst deposit to get double Ingots bonus, Silver*100000,New Player God Equipment·Crape Sword*1,Food*100000,Protector*1(Destined treasure for Hero Xiang)

Event 4Rewards of Total Deposit!
Event Time5 days after new server opened(End at 24:00 of the 5th day)
ContentDuring event time, deposit accumulatively to appointed amount to get Purple God Hero-Huang Rong and Guo Jing, moreover, destined treasures are given! Don’t miss it!
Total 9 dollars:Food*30000,1-Star Peach*3,S. Pill(L)*1,Recruitment(H)*1
Total 17 dollars:Silver*50000,1-Star Peach*3,S. Pill(L)*1,Purple God Hero-Huang Rong*1
Total 50 dollars:Food*60000,1-Star Peach*3,Breakthrough Pill*2,Jade Stick*1(Destined treasure of Huang Rong)
Total 84 dollars:Silver*70000,2-Stars Peach*3,T-Box Gift*1,Purple God Hero-Huang Rong*1
Total 167 dollars:Food*80000,2-Stars Peach*3,Breakthrough Pill*3,Purple God Hero-Guo Jing*1
Total 500 dollars:Silver*90000,3-Stars Peach*3,Purple Treasure Exp*2,Xianglong*1(Destined treasure of Guo Jing)
Total 834 dollars:Food*100000,3-Stars Peach*3,9-Sky Jade*100,Purple God Hero-Guo Jing*2
TipsHuang Rong and Guo Jing have destiny as ‘Endless Love’(ATK+13%)
Event 5Invest For High Earnings!
Event Time7 days after creating a character(End at 24:00 of the 7th day)
ContentDuring event time, go to Fortune to invest in Grow up, you can get 5000 Ingots as earnings by using only 1000 Ingots.Such a chance must not be missed. Go for it!
Event 6VIP Benifits Await For You!
Event TimeForever
ContentDuring event time, to be a VIP member can get VIP privilege + Super Discount Gift Bag, moreover, Purple God Hero-Yang Guo is given!
VIP1:V1 privilege + Bronze Box*2,Bronze Key*2,Stamina Pill*1
VIP2:V2 privilege + Bronze Box*3,Bronze Key*3,New Player God Equipment·Crape Armor*1
VIP3:V3 privilege + Bronze Box*4,Bronze Key*4,Breakthrough Pill*1
VIP4:V4 privilege + Silver Box*2,Silver Key*2,Purple Treasure:Seal*1
VIP5:V5 privilege + Silver Box*3,Silver Key*3,Purple God Hero-Yang Guo*1
VIP6~12:Check VIP introduction in game for details.

Introduction of Yang Guo
Unique-skill(S grade-Rapture):Use Rapture Dark Sword to attack all enemies, deal medium damage and reduce defense of all enemies for 2 turns
Basic Attribute():
16-Years-leaves:On field with Ms. Dragon ATK++13%
Human+Eagle:On field with Ms. Eagle ATK+25%
Great Hero:On field with Guo Jing,Hu Fei,Chengzhi ATK+25%,DEF+25%
Treasure Destiny:
Pure Sword:Equipped with Treasure-Pure Sword ATK+20%
Tai A:Equipped with Treasure-Tai A DEF+20%
Yu Nv:Equipped with Treasure-Yu Nv HP+20%
Event 7Summon Hero to Get Gift!
Event Time3 days after creating a character(End at 24:00 of the 3rd day)
ContentDuring event time, summon hero and reach the condition to get abundant rewards!
Summon and get 2 Purple Hero:Silver*20000,Stamina Pill*1,1-Star Peach*2,Training Pill*100
Summon and get 4 Purple Hero:Silver*50000,Stamina Pill*1,1-Star Peach*2,Breakthrough Pill*1
Summon and get 6 Purple Hero:Silver*80000,Stamina Pill*1,1-Star Peach*2*5,Breakthrough Pill*3
Event 8PK to Be the Real Hero!
Event TimeThe 5th day 21:00 after new server opened
ContentDuring new server time, players whose ranking at first 20 in tournament can get great rewards! The ranking will be counted at 21:00 on the 5th day after new server opened.
No.1:Silver*500000,Ingots1000,Training Pill*500,Pure Sword*1(Destined treasure of Hero-Yang Guo)
No.2:Silver*400000,Ingots500,Training Pill*400,Yunv Knack*1(Destined treasure of Hero-Ms. Dragon)
No.3:Silver*300000,Ingots 300,Training Pill*300,Anecdotes*1(Destined treasure of Hero-Yuyan)
No.4-10:Silver*200000,Ingots200,Training Pill*200,Purple Treasure Exp*1
No.11-20:Silver*100000,Ingots100,Training Pill*100,Blue Treasure Exp*1

Levels of the character decides the limits of the instances, system to be unlocked and level of equipment.
Training and breakthrough for higher quality of heroes to largely improve the combat power and change the looks of heroes.
The basic currency in game, can be achieved via game missions and are available in different systems. 
The major staff for heroes to level up, can be achieved via King's Vault.
The exclusive weapons for exclusive heroes, can largely raise the power of the heroes.
Refine the heroes' pieces to get hero souls to exchange for more powerful heroes you want!
A guild provides you a place to make more friends, learn more powerful skills and add more battle elements.