Friday, April 29, 2016

Tavern Legends Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Encounters Guide

Bat Swarm
When you spot u flying but, tap it!
When all the bats have been cleared, you'll pass the encounter.

Slide over the thorns to slice them.
Remove all the thorns to pass the encounter.

Locked Gate
Slide the sections to make a When the keys complete you'll pass the encounter.

Falling Rock
Keep tapping the screen to roll the rock when the rock rolls off screen, you'll puss the encounter

Tap the face on the left that matches the face on the right.
Pick the correct face three times to pass the encounter.

Cursed Treasure
Tap the tiles to find two matching symbols when you find two red symbols, you’ll pass the encounter

Lightning Barrier
Slide to connect the magic nodes
When the nodes are connected, you will pass the encounter.

Swinging Blade
Tap the sword and slide it out of the area.
Remove all swords to pass the encounter.

Magic Maze
Tap the starting point of the maze and drug your route along the path.
Choose the right path to pass the encounter.

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