Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Gatcha World Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Home Screen
Here's how the Home Screen looks like in Gacha World. Your party will greet you when you arrive! Tap your units on the bottom and they'll say something. They might even give you a free gem!
You can change the homescreen portrait by going in to the options. You're able to change it to any 5 units you have. The Achievements tab will be important for collecting free gems. We will make A LOT of Achievements so there will be plenty of gems to gacha with colonthree emoticon.
 Select a World Mode
There are five World Modes in Gacha World. Story / Event / Arena / Boss / Tower.
 Story Mode - There are 5 NPCs per world, with 5 quests each. Each NPC will share their story as you explore the different worlds.
 Event Mode - Here you'll find different Event Quests to go on. There will be Gold farming & Gem farming quests, so go crazy!
 Arena Mode - Battle other players! Rank up in the Arena and go from Bronze > Silver > Gold League, and more! Each League will get more difficult, but the amount of gems you can get will be high!
 Boss Mode - Once you defeat the 5th NPC of a Story world, you will unlock their battle in Boss Mode! The Boss Level will increase each time you defeat them, and the amount of Gems you get will increase too!
 Tower Mode - 100 Floors! You will run across the tower encountering enemies. However, you will exit battle without your HP recovering. There will be a Safe room every 5 floors, if you lose you'll need to restart!
There will be more Information on each World Mode later on. (I'm in the process of coding them still xD).

You can run left & right by tapping anywhere in the World. There are portals to take you to the next part of the map, and you can tap NPCs to interact with them. You can change your party before entering a quest as well. Also, double tap to dash and get around the world faster!

Customize your gacha summoner in Gacha World!
There are plenty of customization options to make your character unique. All Hairstyles, Eyes, and Mouths will be free!
You can purchase clothes, weapons, hats, face decorations, and capes from the shop. They will either cost Gold or Gems, and every item you buy raises your Hero's stats by 0.1%
Remember, gems and gold are very easy to get in Gacha World, so if you need the extra boost, buy customization items!

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