Friday, March 11, 2016

Dungeon Monsters Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Event Guide
The Daruma Festival and Golden Pyramid events are now more convenient to access:
- Both events, in difficulty Easy & Hard, can be accessed all week-end
- The Medium difficulty events can now be accessed in the middle of the week: every Wednesday for the Daruma Festival, and every Thursday for the Golden Pyramid.
Reminder : Daruma Festival is where you can loot large amounts of Daruma Units. Fuse Darumas into other creatures for a large boost in XP!
Golden Pyramids yield a lot of Golden Bees, precious Units worth a lot of Gold when you sell them.

Definitely play the Daruma Festival events. The "Hard" one might be a little tough, but the Medium one (now on Wednesday!) and the Easy one on week-ends should be more accessible. Same goes for the Bees, the Medium Pyramid is now scheduled every Thursday.

Promo Codes Giveaways
Quick, input promo code NEGS5XYVQ2 to grab 2 Lvl15 Darumas!
Quick, enter promo code FORC34W4K3N5 to earn 10 Diamonds!
Quick, brave adventurers! Redeem this code : 6WHDB3LT8T to earn a cool Level20 Wood Daruma. And remember our advice on Darumas: "Fuse it, don't use it".
Here is a little something to lighten you day. Hurry! Your can claim this gift with the code XU433DHCLL while supply lasts.

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